Huntsville G8 location “ideal” for snipers -

Huntsville G8 location “ideal” for snipers

RCMP internal review says wooded landscape provided vantage points, hidden approaches


Internal RCMP documents reveal the Muskoka setting for last summer’s G8 Summit was an ideal location for would-be snipers to assassinate a world leader. The 353-page review says the landscape around Huntsville, Ont. provided gunmen with key vantage points, land and water routes in and out of the summit venue area and wooded approaches for trespassers. The review also says the decision to host the G20 Summit in Toronto right after the G8 Summit “added a significant planning challenge.” Security costs for both the G8 and G20 summits in Huntsville and Toronto totalled $930 million.

Toronto Star

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Huntsville G8 location “ideal” for snipers

  1. Canadian taxpayers should be angry at the flagrant waste of  money spent on the G8/G20 summits; take a lesson from the British.  Their security forces were able to protect Will and Kate for approximately 31 million  with significantly more people to be contend with whereas the RCMP charged about 899 million more; even if the RCMP charged 31 million for each of the three days which would equal 93 million that’s still 837 million more.  I believe further investigation would reveal quite a few RCMP and other police service individuals made pots of money.

    • Wow, how stupid are the people in Muskoka? Tony Clement got caught with his hand in the ‘cookie jar’ and now his Fed. Gov. is covering it up by implying the Muskoka/Huntsville is a good place for snipers. GIVE ME A BREAK!!! How else would the Fed. Gov. cover his ass, but by implying Snipers. Long, long, long  way from the border Mr. Clemen

  2. So, the gazebos were for cover?

    • Did anyone see the pic. of the fire hydrant on the main street of Parry Sound? It did make the pages of the  T. Star. It was only about 30cm high, almost level with the new and improved sidewalk, and of course it faced the Don Cherry Bar….tooooo much. 

  3. In february 2035 Maclean’s will still be discussing the G8/G20 summit. Move over!

    • When the government wastes a billion dollars, it is a story. Sorry if that means your team gets some flack. It goes with being the government.