Hurricane Earl hits Nova Scotia -

Hurricane Earl hits Nova Scotia

Thousands of homes in Atlantic Canada still without power in wake of storm


Atlantic Canadians are cleaning up after Hurricane Earl hit the maritimes on Saturdays. The hurricane hit Lunenburg County in Nova Scotia on Saturday, knocking out power to more than 200,000 customers in the province. Tens of thousands remain without power on Sunday. One man drowned in Blind Bay during the storm and a Nova Scotia Power employee was injured when he became entangled in live wires. Earl has since been downgraded to a post-tropical storm as it moves into the cold waters of the North Atlantic.

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Hurricane Earl hits Nova Scotia

  1. Downgraded to another noneven, no matter how much the lame media tried to hype it into an actual event. So what, a few spoiled yuppies had to go without power for a few hours on a hot late summer day…boo-hoo. Big deal.

  2. @wayne moores: a non-event? The family of the man from Blind Bay would quite likely differ in their description of this 'noneven'. Try to dig a little deeper into the facts, won't you? A little compassion would be in order as well.

    • @ jennohara: A little compassion would be in order as well… Maybe you ''could'' cut Mr. Moore some slack, It's obvious there wasn't enough room under the bridge last night and he is in a whiney hate the world mode…Condolences to the Family of the man that drowned,,A very sad event indeed.

      • Condolences, yes, but can we not question the wisdom of swimming out to get a loose boat in a strong storm?

        The death toll would have been zero had that guy & his buddy made a more enlightened decision.