“I await the President’s next superhero move”


Michael Moore is delighted with Obama’s firing of the head of GM. Do read the whole thing.


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“I await the President’s next superhero move”

  1. Definitely one of his better articles of course that doesn’t take much however he is on target on GM . then I guess ebing from motorcity gives him credibility on this issue. The Goodwrench part was a zinger!

  2. Gotta like Mike.

    He may not be the most subtle documentarian or the best fact-checker, but his lengthy battles and righteous, activist rage against the big guys (corporations, incompetent politicians, etc.) continue to be shown as prescient. Unfortunately (for all of us), Mike was more right with his agitprop films than he was wrong and he’ll sadly have plenty of material for years to come. I’m looking forward to seeing what he does with the American healthcare industry in his next film.

  3. Well – no wonder he’s impressed!
    He NEVER even got to see Roger Smith – did he?

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