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‘I had a couple beers’ but videos blown out of proportion: Ford says


TORONTO – Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says he had a couple of beers Friday night but contends videos that have sparked a torrent of criticism are being blown out of proportion.

Three videos posted online on Friday show the mayor apparently enjoying a night on the town at a street festival and bantering with residents.

Many people took to Twitter in response to the video posting to criticize and ridicule the mayor, accusing him of being drunk and scolding his behaviour.

On his radio show on Newstalk 1010 Ford said he had a good time and let his hair down but adds he doesn’t think he did anything to offend anyone.

Ford’s behaviour has attracted international attention since news reports surfaced this year of an alleged video that appeared to show him smoking crack cocaine.

Reporters for two media outlets say they were shown the video, but it has never surfaced publicly.

Ford has denied he uses cocaine and has said he can’t comment on a video that does not exist.

It was the latest in a series of erratic behaviour that has landed Ford in public controversy.


‘I had a couple beers’ but videos blown out of proportion: Ford says

  1. Which couple did you think did the trick, Rob.

  2. So the man can’t even go out to enjoy himself and you Commies light you hair on FIRE……….

    • Seriously, what’s a little public drunkenness? Some mayors out there smoke CRACK with GANGSTERS.

  3. Rob Ford needs a serious makeover. He can go on someone else’s talk show, fess up to being a drunken slob, come clean about the alleged crack video, show some contrition, and say that he’ll go into rehab. That way his constituents will forgive him for being just like them.

  4. I didn’t care for the man at first, but I am disliking him less as most folks seem to be reacting like Lady Astor to Mr. Churchill. I only wish that the mayor had pointed out that he would be sober in the morning, while his detractors……

    • Can Ford say he’ll be sober in the morning?

      • Giggle giggle, anything of substance ? There may be a lot of reasons to be dissatisfied with Rob Ford as Mayor, then again it may turn out that his refusal to compromise was the right thing to do. He certainly doesn’t play particularly well to the press and doesn’t seem to want to. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing. We seem to focus on so many non-political issues when we revile our politicians I wonder if this indicates a lack of awareness of the issues we need them to deal with. Can Ford say he will be sober in the morning ? Could Sir John ? If he or anyone wakes up drunk or gets drunk in the morning, well I sure hope that person finds a reason to make better choices, but find a real reason to hate the Mayor based on policy or a perception of his personal views (a pretty fertile field there). Can he say he’ll be sober in the morning ? Dunno but a lot of folks seem to like the idea of wake & bake. Personally I am so fed up with political correctness I am thinking of buying the guy a beer, but I am still not sure I want him for Mayor.