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“I had this dream”


Michael Ignatieff goes back to teaching:


“I had this dream”

  1. Iggy wishes, as presumably Libs do, that he was equivalent of MJ. Iggy more like water boy, not star player.

    Potter (or anyone else): How long does it take to arrange academic position for Iggy? Is chair Iggy has been offered, does it stay open all the time so losing pols have somewhere to go? Would position have to be arranged earlier than overnight Monday, would Iggy know he had job waiting for him while he was competing for Prime Minister?

    I am curious to learn when Iggy or his brain trust realized they were not going to win and needed new jobs.

    • It's a post that exists largely for visiting or passing academics from other institutions, and as such I think a) there is a flexible number of them and b) they can indeed be arranged on very short notice. This is exactly the sort of thing they're designed for, I think.

    • I think the doors are always pretty much open to ex-politicians in academia, as long as the institution is sympathetic to the party. Micheal Ignatieff as well does have some academic credentials that the U of T would be willing to pick up.

      I imagine they called him.

      • This position has been held, in the past, by Trudeau and Preston Manning, so ex-pols are especially welcome at Massey.

  2. Ex politician or not, U of T is lucky to get someone of his caliber working for them

  3. Indeed – this is a soft landing that gives him cover for leaving the country in six months or so, when it'd be slightly less embarrassing.

  4. Here's a tip: the more obscure and impenetrable your slangy invectives for political enemies become, the more you look like a partisan lunatic.