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I [heart] The Point


It’s protest season in Montreal these days. Thousands of students have gone on strike, furious that their absurdly cheap tuition is going to be a little less absurdly cheap. Daycare workers just settled with the provincial government. So it was with a sense of righteous pride that my Pointe St Charles brethren noisily took to the streets this morning to protest the closing… of a liquor store.

From CJAD:

About thirty Pointe St-Charles area residents, some with children in tow, marched from their neighbourhood SAQ outlet to the riding office of their MNA, Marguerite Blais, to draw attention to their concern: that the SAQ will follow through with the planned closure of the liquor outlet at the corner of Center and Charlevoix.

The Pointe has a fine tradition of grassroots institutions: its community clinic; a decent farmer’s market that doesn’t soak its customers, à la Marché Atwater; a great community theatre. To lose any would be sad, to say the least.

But folks: it’s a friggin’ liquor store. And you can buy beer at the dep. Maybe leave the kids at home when you’re protesting its closure, at the very least?

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I [heart] The Point

  1. There’s something truly disturbing about protesting a store closure.  If you want the place to stay open, then buy stuff.  If you’re not buying enough stuff for the store to remain open, then it will close.  Deal with it.  What a bunch of babies.  God forbid your liquor is not close enough.

    •  Ah but scf (and you being far more conservative than I, I’m surprised to make a point you’d agree with…) this is a *government* liquor store, and therefor buying more stuff there is beside the point! Complain to the government to keep it open whether it’s profitable or not!

  2. “its protest season in Montreal…” you, sir, are a dick.

    • You’re a moron for not saying why you think he’s a dick. Shut up already if you can’t articulate yourself and can only call people names.