I saw no ships come sailing in / on Budget Day, on Budget Day - Macleans.ca

I saw no ships come sailing in / on Budget Day, on Budget Day

Minister must have been lost at sea


Hey, shipyard workers! Remember back in December, when Defence Minister—and Atlantic Canada’s man in cabinet— Peter MacKay told you that the upcoming stimulus package would haul your industry out of drydocks by fast tracking big ticket projects—replacing the Navy’s aging fleet of frigates, building the mighty Diefenbreaker, that sort of thing? Turns out the minister was lost at sea without a compass as far as his budget predictions. According to the Ottawa Citizen, industry officials got the bad news earlier this week: no new construction projects are on the horizon, as far as shipbuilding goes, and as for the jobs already on the agenda, no contracts have been awarded, which means that any actual work is years away.

Ottawa Citizen

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I saw no ships come sailing in / on Budget Day, on Budget Day

  1. Quite a story

  2. It just goes to prove that it doesn’t matter who is in government, the maritime services in Canada will always be sucking the hind tit.

  3. Harper’s pushing his luck. If NATO falls through MacKay could very well return with a full frontal.

  4. Mackay pushed for the frigate construction but Harper ignored him for political reasons. Harper was advised that if he spent too much of the stimulus on defence spending it would harm him politically.

    • That would make MacKay a loose cannon and the rift official. Sure you’re not crediting him with too much chutzpah? He gets uppitiy once in a while but he wouldn’t try an end-run on his own. A simple backroom reneg by the PM still leaves the possibility of MacKay taking one for the team.

      Either way there’s something alpha going on over there and this is a little too embarrasing to blame rut..