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“I want to plead guilty 100 times over”

Times Square bomb plotter pleads guilty


Faisal Shahzad, the defendant in the Times Square bomb plot, pleaded guilty to all counts for his role in the aborted attack. This marks an abrupt end to a terror plot that extended to Islamic militant groups in Pakistan, where he said he went to learn from the Pakistani Taliban how to build a bomb that he planned to detonate on US soil. In court, Shahzad listened as each count of the 10-count indictment was read to him, and then indicated that he understood the charges and the penalties that he faced. “I want to plead guilty 100 times over,” he said. This plea is consistent with his compliance with authorities since his arrest on May 3. He now faces life in prison.

New York Times

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“I want to plead guilty 100 times over”

  1. If we want more of this king of thing in the Western world, let's just keep our stupid, reckless, insane immigration policies exactly as they are so there will be thousands more would-be terrorists to threaten us. We could be the next Iraq!

    • It's too late frank! We have already hung ourselves with our asinine immigration policy!

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  2. So he pleas guilty 100 times over! He should get the sentence x 100.

  3. Too late. The modern day trojan horse has already allowed the terrorists a foothold that will be impossible to dislodge. Another thing to thank useless government for, both Libs and Cons.

  4. If someone cares more about a terrorist than his own nation or coutry or victims of terrorist attacks, that kind of person should be charged this with treason. I cannot stand islamophilia this country suffers from. If xenophobia is the way to protect this country hence I am for it.