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I won’t be resigning

Alberta’s Stelmach faces a politician’s least favourite skill-testing question


Questions from the floor during a Progressive Conservative fundraising dinner last night in Calgary generated what must have seemed to beleaguered Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach some odd curiosities. “When are you resigning?” was one followed by, “Help us understand why we should stick with the PCs over the Wildrose?”—this last one in regards to growing support for the upstart conservative Wildrose Alliance Party led by Danielle Smith. Tory premiers in Alberta frequently don’t get posed such queries. Stelmach was game, however, responding off the cuff: “Well, I can tell you that I won’t be resigning,” and then, of the Wildrose Alliance, that the PCs aren’t fringe: “The Progressive Conservative party is a big party. It has room for Ted Morton. It has room for Dave Hancock,” he said. But how much longer will it have room for Premier Stelmach?

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I won’t be resigning

  1. Don Getty didn't resign either when his time was up and look what happened to him in the election of March 1989. He lost his own seat in Edmonton and had to stoop to get re-elected in a by-election in Stettler 2 months later in a seat that was vacated for him by a PC MLA. In the March 1989 election, the popular vote for the PCs dropped substantially as well.

    Will history repeat itself? Will Ed Stelmach face the same fate?

  2. I am so tired of this 'big tent' party. Seriously, the way things get done in this province, you pretty much have to buy into the PCP in order to have a say in how things happen. And when they look like they're going to falter? They just bring more people into the fold and get bigger.

    That isn't how parties are supposed to work. You don't just take a party, make it cover the entire political spectrum, and say, 'Hey, look we represent everyone!' What kind of screwed up politics is that?

    If it weren't for the Wildrose, eventually it would have been, 'Alright everyone, we aren't going to bother having Provincial elections anymore. We're just going to get everyone to buy a membership, then they can vote for the PCP candidate for their riding.'

  3. I don't understand why people are upset with Stelmach.

    • People are upset with the entire PC party for not being conservative anymore.

      Stelmach is getting it for hurting the oil and gas industry with the royalty review. It would have happened pretty much no matter who was in charge, but he was the man in the seat so its all his fault.

      • Bloody shame too, because right now we're essentially charging fire-sale prices on our resources, which means we're not getting nearly as much as we could be to go toward things like diversifying our economy so that we're ready for what happens when the demand for our single resource starts to drop.