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ICC may investigate Canada’s handling of Afghan detainees

Chief prosecutor says he may have to intervene


A new documentary is making waves for an interview with the International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor, who has indicated that possible war crimes charges could be brought against Canada. Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo told filmmaker Barry Stevens that the ICC will have to check whether Canadian courts are looking into its military’s handling of Afghan detainees—if not, the ICC will have to step in. If there is evidence that crimes were committed, the Toronto Star reports, Canadian officials are not immune to prosecution. “We’ll check if there are crimes and also we’ll check if a Canadian judge is doing a case or not,” said Moreno-Ocampo. “If they don’t, the court has to intervene. That’s the rule, that’s the system, one standard for everyone.” He could not be reached for further comment.

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ICC may investigate Canada’s handling of Afghan detainees

  1. War is the crime. The only way to avoid war and war crimes is to have the leaders of the two opposing sides to go face to face in a ring. A fight to the death or whoever gives up first. That's how the animal kingdom does it. Maybe we have evolved too much and lost our senses.

  2. How did we manage to go from a country that refused to enter the illegal Iraq invasion to one that is being considered for a war crimes investigation?

    oh right. leadership.

    • Or lack thereof.

      Maybee the Cons should have let the committee do its job; it would have been a lot less embarrassing in the long run.

  3. This comment was deleted.

    • Right, so we only follow laws when it is convenient for us to do so? If we want to continue Canada's tradition as a Human Rights champion than we need to set a better example.

      • "Right, so we only follow laws when it is convenient for us to do so?"

        Well, that does seem to be the CPC way…

    • Your comment highlights the need for the ICC. It's not perfect but we need some kind of international legal apparatus to hold accountable those responsible for extreme human rights violation. You would rather propose summary executions and mass slaughter with no accountability? really? that's better?

  4. So, now, not only is Canada at fault for trying to hold a peace in a country that only wants violence, but now we are responsible for prisoners when they are handed over to the LEGAL government forces of that country. Sad, really sad. They should have, indeed, just shot the bastards!

    • The Geneva conventions are quite clear. Parties who sign do not torture, or knowingly put people in situations where it is likely they will be tortured. That's part of what makes us the good guys.

      If you don't like it, perhaps you should sign up with those who agree with you. I believe they're called the Taliban.

      • There are probably some Nazis still around that Judy would feel comfortable with.

  5. Makes one wonder just how all those investigations into the American breaches are going…

    Or do they just target the small fry?

    • America has refused to be a party to the ICC. They are above all other nations in their mind, and so have refused to be judged under the same rules.

      • I don't think North Korea or any of the other guilty countries signed up either. Guess they know they are covered in guilt and are too cowardly to face the judgement of their crimes.

  6. Fair enough – then we have to throw in Reagan, Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy, pretty well all of them.

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    • Another refrain of, "But moooommmm.. they get to do it!" from the CPC supporter.

    • Amnesty International is in part why we know or care about some of the things that go on in that list of countries in the first place. That's one of the reasons why they get money from me every month. And if my country is contributing to those problems, I want to know about that too. Maybe you don't.

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    • I love my country enough to want it's flaws exposed and dealt with.

      Too bad you don't.

      • "But officer, I only beat my kids once or twice a month! Those bastards across the street do it nearly every day!"

  9. What is wrong with you people? These are agreements and obligations that we as a Nation have committed to on the international stage. Don’t like the Geneva Convention? Fine. Opt out. But until then how on earth can you suggest we not be bound by it? I hope you explain your attitudes to those you sign agreements with.

    Oh, and shooting people because it’s more convenient? Wow. With such disregard for human life it’s no wonder there’s no civility or sense of responsibility.

    • had mine deleted
      I don't know why???

  10. I guess Paul Martin needs to hire himself a lawyer.