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ICC weighing Canada probe

Court may investigate treatment of Afghan detainees


The International Criminal Court is weighing whether to start a formal investigation into Canada’s handling of Afghan detainees. “There are serious allegations of crimes committed by different parties,” ICC Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo told Postmedia News in an interview during a visit at the University of Ottawa on Tuesday, adding that a decision on the matter will be made in the coming weeks. The ICC was first asked to look into Canada’s treatment of Afghan prisoners in 2007, after allegations surfaced that Canadian forces had handed over detainees to Afghan security officials knowing they could face torture.

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ICC weighing Canada probe

  1. I certainly hope they do.  From my understanding, we knew torture was likely to happen if we handed over these prisoners. We’d been warned by the Dutch and British, and they even offered assistance if we wanted to build a facility to prevent this, but our gov’t and military leaders took the expedient route instead.  Martin, Graham, Harper, MacKay, Henault and Hillier — anybody and everybody responsible for putting our soldiers in the position of having to choose between following orders and following Geneva Conventions should be brought in front of the ICC and made to answer for it.

    • Nice of the British and Dutch to offer to help us build a prison but I don’t think Canada had the personnel available to run a prison.  The US had their own prison but after Abu Ghraib, I am certain handing prisons over to the US would have been doing so knowing “torture was likely to happen.”

  2. 1. Why does the ICC hate the troops?
    2. Why does the ICC support Taliban thugs and murderers?
    3. Shouldn’t the ICC be investigating REAL problems, like Iran, North Korea, radical Islam, Communism, hippies / dope fiends, Hollywood elites, abortionists, the Rebel Alliance, etc.
    4. SQUIRREL.

  3. So one guy got slapped with a piece of rubber tube six years ago. Who cares?

    • Actually he was beaten with a piece of coaxial cable. Would you rather they had pulled his finger nails out tough guy?

  4. If you read the source document you will see that the ICC is investigating all allegations of torture within 7 countries and that “most allegations are directed toward the Talliban”.  It is a study of the information gathered to see if there is even enough evidence to suggest Canada warrents a formal investigation.  There are also allegations against the NATO for exceeding their mandate in Libya. 
    An “allegation” leading to an investigation is not a finding of guilt.