"I'd like to go back. Toronto's nice this time of year," says Black - Macleans.ca

“I’d like to go back. Toronto’s nice this time of year,” says Black

U.S. federal judge to review case


Today, Conrad Black will know whether or not he is free to return to Canada, after a bail hearing in Chicago before federal judge Amy St. Eve. St. Eve has ordered Black to remain in the U.S. until she reviews his case. Black is currently free on a $2 million U.S. bond posted by his friend. He was freed on bail on Wednesday following a Supreme Court decision that found his fraud charges unconstitutional. (He was sentenced six and a half years in prison for defrauding investors and obstructing justice.) “I’m enjoying my new surroundings,” Black said, adding his preference is to return to Toronto, reported the Globe and Mail. “I’d like to go back. Toronto’s nice this time of year.”

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“I’d like to go back. Toronto’s nice this time of year,” says Black

  1. I guess Lord Blake hasn't seen the Niagara ads yet; he still thinks Toronto isn't a cesspool.
    Other than that, I'd welcomethis brave Corporate Knight back to Canada. It'd be worth it just to see the lefties start gnawing the carpets in frustration :-)

    • Personally I think the Niagara ads are petty and small. I love a good tee-off on Toronto as much as the next person. But Toronto doesn't try to enhance its image by dissing Niagara Falls. Hell, they don't even diss Winnipeg. Or Regina. If they can show that much restraint, certainly Niagara Falls can do the same.

  2. Mr Black is no longer a Canadian citizen-he voluntarily gave that up and a convicted felon. Is he even allowed over the border?

    • Not without permission from the Minister of Immigration. Wonder how large the donation to the Tories would have to be to 'inspire' the Minister to grant permission.

  3. Uh, his name's Black, not Blake. And some of us lefties are gay guys, so we wouldn't be gnawing carpets in frustration ;^) Sorry, couldn't resist.

    • Sincere apologies for the typo in the post. As for the rest of that response, well, 'no comment' is probably the safest thing I can say.

  4. I hope that we're a big enough country to welcome him back. Anyone can make a mistake, I have a feeling he did not realize that. We are a lot bigger than Conrad.

    • Conrad Black is an avid student of history and government. While I have serious issues with his activities, he is no fool and measures his decisions carefully. As we have seen, he doesn't always include the option that other people, including the judicial system, may not come to the same conclusions as he arrives at.

      If there was any indication of remorse from him, one might be inclined to have some sympathy for him. He doesn't express remorse because he doesn't think he has done anything wrong.

      I'm pretty sure that, before voluntarily renouncing his Canadian citizenship, he carefully researched the potential consequences. What he didn't consider was that Britain won't renew his passport because he's a convicted felon. Now that he can't go back to Britain, Canada is starting to look pretty good to him.

  5. I just can't see, under the current admissibility requirements under Citizenship and Immigration Canada that Mr. Black can be allowed to return to Canada.

    Criminal Inadmissibility:
    In general, it is a term used to describe a person who will not be allowed to visit or stay in Canada because they have committed or been convicted of a crime in, or outside of, Canada.

    I have been charged with a crime but my trial is still under way. Will I be allowed to enter Canada?

    You are considered criminally inadmissible if:
    * you have a trial under way;
    * there is a warrant out for your arrest; or
    * you have charges pending against you or an officer has credible information that you committed an offence outside

    He may be able to apply under "rehabilitation" but;

    You are eligible to apply for rehabilitation if:
    * you have committed a criminal act outside of Canada (for which you were not charged) and five years have passed
    since the act; or
    * you have been convicted outside of Canada and five years have passed since the end of the sentence imposed.

  6. Don't let the scumbag back in!!!! There are plenty of other people that actually like Canada and would like to be a Canadian citizen. I think people are angry enough about him, that his safety would be at risk as well…

    • Aww maaaan! You stole my thunder! I second your comments though…

  7. The CBC is in Toronto – Conrad Black should be hired as their CEO! He has a proven track record of success in media, a job would mean he's less of a 'flight risk', and he could re-vitalize a moribund institution that currently just wastes a billion dollars a year.

    • Don't laugh. There's some speculation he could end up on the new conservative news channel.