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If demographics is destiny, the future looks relaxing

  1. Well bless their baby boomer hearts. I’m sooo glad the boomers will enjoy a stress-free life, after ruining the planet. I’m simply ecstatic that as younger people are shut out of the housing market by a generation of real estate inflation, we can rest easy in our rented apartments, knowing that we have secured a better retirement for the boomers. I’m overjoyed to know that instead of long-term investments in our prosperity, over half of our federal budget will be crowded out to accommodate the economically unproductive. And I’m simply grateful for the house of cards economy that is our legacy from what surely is the greatest generation – who needs real jobs, when we can employ 1% in high finance, and the rest in low-level services. 

    Forget the bourgeoisie, or other imagined conspiracies we live in a geriocracy. For the entire lifespan of the boomers, public policy has been made in order to make their life better, with little attention to the long-term consequences. Its about time we set about redistributing some of that boomer satisfaction to other generations, and ensuring long-term prosperity in the process. Soak the old!

    • Other than the ‘soak the old’ comment, you make some good points.

    • Don’t blame the Boomers….the first lot are just turning 65 this year….and there were never enough schools, or homes or jobs for them….now, when it’s too late it’s suddenly occurred to people there might be a problem

      The world has changed since Boomers were born….the tech….education…and all the rest of it….and it wouldn’t matter a toss if the Boomers didn’t exist

      It’s only a North American demographic you know….Boomers didn’t happen in the rest of the world

      • I wonder something. How is it that you manage to comment on every single thread here, regardless of the time of day? Are you retired, or just really bad at your job?

        • ??  I don’t. In fact I don’t comment on 90% of them.

          I work online, and pop in here for the latest news.

          Now….you have anything on the topic?

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    Is this you in this picture? Are you stress free? lol

  3. We are going to deal with the MULTICULTURALISM NIGHTMARE you dumb shits