If You Were An Election, What Sort of Election Would You Be?


Trolling through the stories on RCP last night, I saw the headline on the new Conrad Black column, “The Most Important Election since 1980”.

Wow, I thought. The 1980 election was pretty frigging important — the return of Trudeau, the rise of the PQ, inflation crisis, constitution, etc. But is this one that important, more important than the free trade election of 1988, or the historic third Chretien majority of 2000? Oops. Clickthrough, and see that CB is talking about the American election.

Silly me:

WINNIPEG – For the record, Stephen Harper would rather be a fruit than a vegetable.

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If You Were An Election, What Sort of Election Would You Be?

  1. That’s a bit nauseating to read right after a meal.

  2. clarification re above comment – I meant the Winnipeg link at the bottom of Andrew’s post not the confusion re: North American elections.

  3. Does this mean he’s changed his position on gay marriage?

  4. The fact that Harper was even asked that is just pathetic. Beauty pageants have harder, more relevant, questions than that.

  5. Sarah

    I totally agree. I would give my left arm to be allowed to ask our pols questions and this is what our ‘journalists’ come up with. It’s a disgrace.

  6. WTF is a convicted felon doing writing opinion pieces about anything – while still incarcerated?

    That said, he’s probably right about the US election, though IMHO you could push it a lot further back than 1980. More like 1960.

  7. Well, CB wasn’t convicted for plagiarism or anything. And convicts are allowed to go to school — if they can learn, why not write about it?

    Besides, remember when Steven Reid went back to jail? The Globe basically put him on staff.

  8. Oh, I’m one of Milord’s fans, literature-wise, and actually Milord’s time behind bars does seem to have improved Milord’s style: perhaps they took away Milord’s thesaurus as punishment for something? I notice that Descant is planning a special issue about “Writers in Prison,” and I hope Milord will contribute.

    I just mean it’s weird of the Post to treat conviction for major fraud as irrelevant. Surely some moral censure is in order. But this is the newspaper that prints David Frum and Krauthammer on its front pages, the former posing as a Canadian. I suppose Milord fits the job description in that regard.

  9. I forgot to say this before is the reason for Milord’s focus on 1980 is because it’s like Woodstock for neocons.

    It was the one time where the Democrat really was as timid as the Republicans say, and the Republican was charismatic and powerful in a way that wasn’t as tacky and fake as Bush with a “Mission Accomplished” trying to (badly) play War Hero. The neocons have tried to turn every politican event into 1980 because it was their last true victory.

    Never mind that all the other Democrats in the modern era (Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Clinton) weren’t like Carter at all, and Obama isn’t either, no matter how much they want him to be.

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