Iggy and out?

Tories concerned about a potential fundraising infraction by the Liberals; call for review


After spending the better part of last year defending his party against allegations that they overshot the advertising spending limit during the 2006 election, Pierre Poilievre was only too happy to alert the watchdogs at Elections Canada of a potential infraction by the Liberals. The Ottawa Citizen reports that Poilievre has passed along a pre-convention fundraising e-mail from party president elect Alf Apps that seems to encourage potential donors to give twice — once to the party, once to Ignatieff’s leadership campaign — by pointing out that any “surplus” leadership funds will revert to the party. Ignatieff’s office, however, has distanced itself from the letter, as well as the claim that his campaign is already running a surplus. Poilievre, however, doesn’t seem to be buying that: in his letter to the election commissioner, he says the letter raises “serious concerns”.

Ottawa Citizen

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Iggy and out?

  1. If hypocracy were fatal, i think it’s fair to say PP would be staying forever young.

  2. Way to go P: delicious irony always makes my day.

    • That an MP not known for his ethics is complaining about someone else’s ethics? That is ironic!

  3. Hmm, looks like glasses houses

    • Errr glass houses….

  4. Personally I could care less which guy is PM, Iggie or Harper. They seem to be singing from the same song book anyway. I find it somewhat amusing that the left give the Liberals(who at times have more right wing policies than the Tories) a totally free ride and blame the “evil Harper” for everything. Cheers.

  5. There is most certainly a difference in who leads the country. Right now we have a budget that was layed out by non-Conservatives and which the Conservatives adopted or else they would no longer form the government. These budget policies they have sound bites on referring to “stimulus” go totally against everything the Conservatives positioned to the Canadian people in order to get elected. So in effect the Conservatives have had to become non-Conservative to remain the government. They don’t believe any of it but they won’t say that on the record to Canadians for fear of loosing the “big chair” of governing.

    Furthermore Conservatives will drag their heels in implementing any spending policies that would help Canada or Canadians. And then, inevitably when the US recovers and Canada has gone through the worst economic crisis this generation will experience regarding mass unemployment and a loss of any lead we had in technology, and after we have squandered precious time in which we could make real changes to carbon emissions and implement a solid renewable energy initiative the Conservatives will claim “see, we got us through it”! All this on the backs of Canadians that are loosing their jobs and our real progress as a world class country is tarnished.

    And all the while the Conservatives will (like Pierre Poilievre is doing now) continue to sow the seeds of suspicion and continue to mask the fact they have no ideas for a stronger Canadian society and have a complete lack of any factual based initiatives for crime prevention, gangs, illicit drugs, the economy, the climate, etc etc etc.

    Conservatives want Canadians to stop looking forward so we are unaware of where they are NOT leading us (Conservatives do not have a plan for the here and now they are idealogues living in the past basing their policies on what they would have done if they had only been the government instead of that Liberal Trudeau or that Liberal Chretien). They want Canadians to look into the rear view mirror at things like the Sponsorship Scandal or this trumped up Pierre Poilievre thing.

    While the Conservatives keep Canadians distracted in the past we will either run smack into another made in Canada crisis “on the curve ahead” or “go over a cliff” that we should have known was there and avoided.

    We are loosing precious time when we should be focused on our future and making progress with more scientific innovations, or implimenting changes to a greener economy, or sustainable energy, or in healthcare, poverty, crime, illicit drugs, or attaining higher levels of academia.

  6. How desperate the reformers are getting, they can’t find any dirt on Iggy so they send their ankle biting attack dog, how dare some one use the tories dirty ploys, do the tories have copyright on dirty tricks? when the reformers open their books to show they aren’t dirty no-one will take them seriously, Pierre Poilievre is like a napoleon character, except not as smart.

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