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Iggy denied!



A nice little scoop from Caroline Roy at Rue Frontenac, a paper comprised of striking Journal de Montréal journos.

It seems Team Ignatieff tried in vain to get tickets to the taping of Tout Le Monde En Parle last week, where Denis Coderre was pontificating about his chest-thumping exit as the party’s Quebec lieutenant. Roy writes:

Your ruefrontenac.com reporter… was contacted by an acquaintance at Michael Ignatieff’s office in Ottawa via Facebook, to see how they could get tickets to the taping of TLMEP. This person also wanted the name of someone at TLMEP to ask them for a pass to the show.

Unbeknownst to this (presumably intelligent) person, it seems the production staff at the absurdly popular talk show have a mechanism to deal with such flagrant hackery: audiences are selected six months in advance, with very few exceptions. According to Roy’s piece, the only Liberals allowed in at the last minute would have been there at the behest of Coderre himself.

Also, poking/pinging/massaging/etc. a reporter on Facebook to get tickets to the taping of a highly contentious interview that might do harm to the chief? The brilliance and foresight is astounding.

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Iggy denied!

  1. Also, poking/pinging/massaging/etc. a reporter on Facebook to get tickets to the taping of a highly contentious interview that might do harm to the chief?

    Who, what, huh?

    What a silly bunch of gossips you're all turning out to be.

    • Well, I may have to pick myself up off the floor, but I agree with you on this one.

  2. "The brilliance and foresight is astounding"

    And sadly well within character.

  3. Why would Team Ignatieff try so hard to get the tickets? Did they plan to glower at Coderre from the audience? Or perhaps they would rush the stage if Coderre decided to go rogue?

    • "Du coup, des conseillers d'Ignatieff veulent assister à l'enregistrement de l'entrevue pour pouvoir préparer leur réplique."

    • I think there is a core contingent of Kiss fans in OLO. It had nothing to do with Coderre…..I am certain that would be the answer if they were asked.

  4. I don't think there was anything wrong with sending the fb message. It seems pretty crass to me to try and turn a facebook message from an acquaintance into a story. Why not just say "No" and leave it at that? Reporters often profit from having real human relationships with peope in political spheres. If everything has to be by the book and staffers can't even ask a question of someone in the media without it becoming a story it's pretty sad.

  5. Facebook is the new e-mail.

  6. The "foresight"-lacking "hack" should have predicted Coderre's appearance on the show six months ago, and planned accordingly, sending a proper request to someone other than his reporter friend/acquaintance. Right.

    On a side note, messaging is spelled with an "e". Massaging a reporter is difficult to do, especially via Facebook. Unless there's a new "poke" feature that I am completely missing out on.

  7. Wow, is this what Macleans is reduced to? This has become a pathetic Iggy bashing rag. You guys are worse than the national post.

  8. I don't see what the big deal is. So the liberal operatives wanted a ticket to spy on Coderre and prepare their response before it aired? Is that unusual for a political party? Harper's operatives did the same thing last year when they eavesdropped on a private NDP conference call.