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Iggy staffer loses youth status


Iggy staffer Brian Clow turned 26 years old today. He is no longer considered a Liberal youth and now pays double to be a member of the Liberal party. He is shown here enjoying a birthday treat at Starbucks.


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Iggy staffer loses youth status

  1. Nice tie!

  2. LOL. What a delightfully weird post.

    "Random person continues to age".

    Uh, OK. Thanks for the update!

    • That is what I was thinking. Maybe he is the #1 on the Quebec desk, making Coderre fume?

  3. So, what does it now cost him to be a non youth Liberal? $20 instead of $10?

    Mitchel, for some reason, owed him one this morning of his conversion, it seems.

  4. Why do the Libs put their youth in a sandbox instead of allowing them to join the party as real members?

    • Aren't they "real members" who just get a discounted membership rate?

      Doesn't almost every organization everywhere have discounted rates for young people and/or seniors?

  5. You couldn't get his pointy shoes in the shot?

  6. Actually Mitchel is costs exactly the same for him to be a member of the party. The fee is $10 – for everyone

  7. His chin is a dead ringer for Mulroney.

  8. I think Mitchell has a crush

  9. He does not now start to pay double. He stops paying half.