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Iggy’s bus stops


Michael Ignatieff is on his Liberal Express tour across Canada. In Toronto, he stopped at a BBQ in Thornhill just north of the city and then a restaurant downtown in Chinatown.


Liberal MP John McCallum.


Liberal MP Martha Hall Findlay.


Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett.


Liberal MP Rob Oliphant.


Liberal MP Bonnie Crombie.


Crombie with Patricia Sorbara.


Liberal MP Gerard Kennedy.


Iggy and Zack Paikin.


The food.


Iggy hits Chinatown.


Iggy’s brother Andrew Ignatieff.

Liberal Denise Brunsdon.


Iggy’s bus stops

  1. I would vote for Ignatieff. Andrew Ignatieff. I like his "don't f*ck with me" demeanor and devil-may-care approach to facial hair. Also the fact that he's clearly not just in it for himself.

    • Did you see his eyes, though? He looked like he was just visiting. That's a problem.

      • His brother Andrew is a wonderful person.. I would vote for him. I worked with Andrew many years ago and he's a good guy.

  2. Hurray! More happy pictures on the Ignatieff fan club website!

    Maclean's, your the best!

  3. Wow……..looks like the kind of pictures you see on the Post Office wall.

    As for Iggy's brother……I guess he's not allowed to associate with the "Great Man"…..because as we all know, as a youngster….the Little brother was overweight and awkward. Big brother (Mikey) gave specific instructions to Little brother not to let it be known they were related.

    Michael Ignatieff: Not just ashamed of Canada…….he's ashamed of his family too!!

    Speaking of which…….why don't we ever hear about Iggy's kids from his first wife? You know…the one he cheated on and dumped when a newer version came along?

    "And the cats in the cradle and the silver….etc…etc…"

    • They are actually very close – sibling nonsense happens all the time.

      Boy the green jealousy is oozing out folks.

      • Ontario town noted:
        "They are actually very close – sibling nonsense happens all the time. "

        I don't know Ontario Town…..I've had a few brawls with my brother when we were growing up, and NOT ONCE did I ever deny he was my brother. Nor was I ever ashamed of him, but maybe Iggy's different.

        • Boy are you stretching this one.

    • You're a bitter pill, Halifax.

      Try not to get so personal about your politicians' lives. Just try.

      • Sorry, Patches…..nothing bitter here….

        Though I am still peeved that over $40,000,000 was stolen by Iggy's party and never returned.

        • News flash there Halifax – Iggy wasn't involved nor were most of the newer caucus members.

          • Ontario Town wrote:
            "News flash there Halifax – Iggy wasn't involved nor were most of the newer caucus members"

            Thereby inadvertantly stating the obvious. That the older caucus members were involved….and still sitting as MP's.

            As for Iggy not being there….well,geez. I think we all know that this is the only reason Iggy was choosen in the first place. He's the patsie.

            The fact remains though……The LIBERAL PARTY stole $40,000,000 from us and still have it stashed somewhere, and some current LIBERAL MP's no doubt know where it is or have benefitted from it. I'm assuming they have it available to pay for the next election.

            Or maybe they just want to buy some new toys when they retire from the public eye.

    • there was actually an article on his kids and what they do a few weeks ago. You could try Google news. You know, 'research'. Facts. You like facts don't you?

      • I did that Cam, here's what I found: http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/TopStories/20090108/ign

        Which if you read it shows a pattern. Iggy basically ignores his son because his son is not as PERFECT as the father. In fact, he has never spoken about his son unless it was a way to score a political point or two. Like brother like son.

        Next up: Iggy's daughter……who, if she is who she claims to be, is none to pleased with dad. http://dliberal2005.blogspot.com/2006/09/vancouve

        She has a bit more to add here: http://1800cute.blogspot.com/2006/09/scandalous-s

        So, what do we have?

        Iggy's brother……not good enough to assocaite with in school, but plenty good enough to help him get elected as PM.

        Iggy's son – labelled as developmentally challenged by his own dad….and not really on speaking terms.
        Iggy's daughter – not really fond of dear old dad.

        Apparently, those folks least impressed by Michael Ignatieff…..are the people who actually know him.

        • BS

          Hmmmm…..funny his daughter just graduated from University and is staying at Iggy's mother-in-law – doesn't sound bitter to me.

          • Hey Ontario…….if you call BS, then you are calling it on Sophie Ignatieff. The words are hers, not mine.

            Lastly, should we be surprised she's staying with family. Free is Free.

            You will note however, she and her brother haven't lived with Iggy for quite some time. I wonder why that is?

            perhaps his own kids hold a similar view of Iggy as most Canadians.

  4. Where ya been? He featured Rona Ambrose yesterday. Stop whining like a big baby boo boo. Stop playing the victim card – it makes you look like a weak fool.

    • Alas, each of can only play the cards we have been dealt. It is a socialist dream that everyone gets to start with a full deck.

    • OntarioTown…..back to name calling eh. You lefties don't like it one bit when we call your attention to the weak leader of th Lib party. How about that Leger poll suggesting that Ignatieff is at only 9% popularity in Quebec. You will be lucky to hang on to Montreal.
      The only fools on MacLeans are those that keep drinking the Liberal kool-aid and personally attacking those they don't agree with.

      • Got a good supply of Kleenex handy? Fools on Macleans? Why are you on Macleans – are you a fool?

  5. Caught me off-guard… for a sec I thought I accidentally clicked on Iffy's Facebook page and not a media website

    • Hey, it's not the media's fault that Harper has decided to take most of the summer off, with a minimal number of staged photo opportunities where Steve-o acts like he enjoys meeting and greeting "average" Canadians.

      • Somehow that's a reason to post a dozen pictures of Iffy and his Liberal friends?

        • Go figure… hold a media event and what do you get?

          Perhaps Jim should have invited Coyne to bring a photographer with him?

          • We are so much the better off now that Raphael posted pics such as "Liberal Denise Brunsdon" et al… not like there is actually anything else going on in the news say like a Liberal MP who has repaid $100,000 of illegally obtained money.

          • umm, there are photos on this site of Conservatives too, when they have events. Really, there are.

          • Stewart_Smith…Yeah but it isn't the job of the media to post a family album of pictures of Liberals.

        • Huh? How many thousands of photo-op photos are there of Harper.

          Hey, why stop there – why are there photos of Layton?

  6. If he's gonna be holding out his thumb to passing buses he's gotta learn how to militarize
    his posture and look'em in the eye. Oh, and show some leg.

  7. I kinda feel sorry for Iffy – after a summer like this and he still only squeaks a 27 – there is no way he can go the backroom boys and get support after he loses the next election with these numbers – the ol maxim is he will need to gain 25 seats or he is toast – stick a fork in him!

  8. How Special! What a load of staged garbage……how about Maclean's actually focus just a little of their negative attention off of Harper and ask Ignatieff if he has a platform yet?…..What would he do with the "refugee" problem the Conservatives have to deal with?- Thanks to the Liberals, How about that Long Gun registry that many RCMP claim is useless?……Thanks Liberals…….I thought CBC was a pathetic Liberal tool, I think they come 2nd to Macleans – hands down…..glad my subscription ran out! I cannot wait for a forum that is at least center, this is just ridiculous! I said it before, at least my tax dollars aren't handed over for your agenda like the CBC.

    • inmyopinion…..the internet is a great thing. Lots of freedom to say anything you want about any subject.

      However, the media is now using their blog sites to promote their favourite party. Wherry and Raphael in particular love their Liberal party and so since the major media are all but ignoring the bus tour they have taken it upon themselves to provide as much positive coverage for Igantieff and the Liberal party as they can. It isn't working. All the latest polls are showing the polling numbers for the Libs have not changed and neither has Ignatieff's personal polling numbers.

    • do you even know what this column/blog is about? I am thinking you don't if you expect this section to be Q and As. It's a photo essay and social column. Seriously, do some research next time before you pull the trigger, and maybe look at your anger issues. They're making you look dense.

      • Hollinm is not interested in facts because then he'd have think. He's only interested in slamming Liberals – he goes on every news article (comments section) that talks about Liberals and/or Iggy day in day out hour after hour.

        Pretty pathetic isn't it?

        • OntarioTown…..actually I am only trying to keep up with you and the rest of you on this blog who keep bashing Harper. Two can play the same game even if you don't like it.

          • Like your game isn't obvious there guy. You take a situation or statement and do the Con tactic – try to turn back to the other – it dosn't wash at all.

            Boy, a grown up man getting weepy because not everyone agrees with Harper's attitude and policies is a little sickening to say the least.

          • OntarioTown……I don't need to weep about anything. I am just trying to keep this blog interesting. Just think if I didn't comment you and your ilk would have nobody to attack and call names.

            I take great comfort in the fact that Ignatieff has already been rejected by the Canadian people and when the next campaign comes and he is under the microscope 24/7 we shall see him putting both his feet in his mouth at the same time. Its great running around the country spouting platitudes and bromides but when he actually has to talk policies any credibility he has left will go right out the window.

      • Cam…..perhaps you should talk to Wells, Coyne and Geddes if you think the MacLeans blog is just a photo essay and social column. It is you who really doesn't understand what is going on here.

        I am not angry at anything or anybody. If you don't like what I have to say simply don't read my comments. That way you can stifle your own anger my friend.

        • Iggy finall did it yesterday going along with the Muslims & their kirpans, Iggy thought he had gained a lot of votes instead one sight had almost 2400 posts to tell everyone how stupid Iggy was, liberals polls will be dropping from that stupidity.

    • If you watched Question Period today you would have seen Jason Kenney wipe the floor with pretty boy Justin Trudeau. It is obvious that Kenney knows his file and investigated the issues prior to introducing the legislation. Watch for the fireworks when the Conservatives start talking about how Liberals support human smugglers and those that use the services of smugglers. This is not a win for the Liberals. Their record on immigrations is the pits. Everybody knows our system is very weak.

  9. wow, the edict went out from Con HQ to attack this blog posting eh?

  10. Ontario Town wrote:
    His kids are "adults" so why would it be a surprise they don't live with him? "

    Hmmm….have you ever wondered how long they did live with him?

    As for who the hell cares…….well, obviously you do.

    As for Iggy…..I guess you're correct there. He certainly doesn't care.

    • Well, the fact that he was divorced and probably his ex got custody, why would anyone be surprised if they didn't live full time with him? Are you that daft?

      You don't know his relationship with them at all. You're just putting this crap out there like it matters to anyone.

      Hey, where's Loreen and the kids been eh? Rumours are floating around – why don't you check into that gossip.

      And, come to think of it, Jack Layton has kids (adults now) from a former marriage – his kids lived with their mother too – it's not unusual.

      You are truly an idiot making an issue out of this crap.

      • OntarioTown…..why do you feel you have to defend Ignatieff. It like you say it is pure crap ignore him.

        While I could care less about Ignatieff's marriage and his kids the fact is some people do care. Quit with the name calling. It shows your desperation in trying to make him stop.

      • Ontario town noted:
        "You don't know his relationship with them at all. You're just putting this crap out there like it matters to anyone."

        Actually, Ontario…….it appears there isn't much of a relationship to begin with. As for the relationiship between Iggy and his kids not mattering….well, I guess Michael Ignatieff would agree with you.

        • James, You crack me up, great posting, couldn't of said it better!

  11. if iggys stopping in at Chinese restaurants I hope he's not letting kinsella do the ordering,
    Is the magic bus venturing into the liberal less wastes of the west or is he teleporting into the mystical realms of Libby and Hedy?

  12. Well I guess if a Liberal campaign bus came to Toronto it would make sense for them to go to Thornhill and downtown Chinatown since… well… those are 2 of the 3 ridings they don't have yet in their pocket.

  13. It is unjustifiable for Macleans to refer to Michael Ignatieff as "Iggy", while not daring to refer to Stephen Harper as "Harpy" or even as "Steve".

    • In case you don't know it but Stephen Harper is the Prime Minister of Canada and as such deserves some respect. The fact is he gets plenty of name calling on the blogs such as MacLeans and in other blogs. So don't be too disappointed.

      By the way I would prefer they refer to Ignatieff as Iffy because he flip flops all over the place on whatever policy he announces or attempts to announce.

  14. Liberals didn't care the damage it would do to our children even though MP, Parent & POLICE OFFICER GLOVER REPORTED ON IT.

    Both POLICE OFFICER GLOVER of 19 years & Leona Aglukkaq reported about how damaging marijuana was to our children & everyone, they went on to heroine, cocaine, & Methamphetamines.
    They said that lead them down a path of destruction, Liberals were all okay with destroying of our children.

    Next Iggy held a conference to expose in justice being committed on Canada's Criminals by our Penal System.


    One Reporter asked Ignatieff why he was against building bigger jails like the Conservatives wanted to.

    “Ignatieff explained ,” We don't need bigger jail.

    I'm saying Mr Harper let my people go!!