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Ignatieff: extend Michaëlle Jean’s term

Liberal leader wants GG to stay on past her four-year term


Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has called for the extension of Governor-General Michaëlle Jean’s term. “As a francophone woman who overcame great obstacles to get where she is today, and as the first black Canadian appointed as Governor General, I can’t imagine a better role model for young Canadians, particularly young girls,” he says. Ignatieff pointed out that it’s not uncommon for governors-general to stay on past their terms, citing as examples Adrienne Clarkson, Roland Michener and Jeanne Sauvé.

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Ignatieff: extend Michaëlle Jean’s term

  1. I'm always astounded at how poorly we select our GG's, LG's, etc… As we've seen with the last two prorogations, this is not a "fluff" position and should not be considered ceremonial; it should be filled by someone with a political background and knowledge of constitutional law.

    My vote would be for someone like Peter Lougheed – although at 82 he's probably too old for the job. Anyone know what his health is like? BTW, I'm from the east and tend to vote on the left – this isn't a partisan pick.

  2. Somebody needs to tell Ignatieff that he isn't the PM, and never will be.

    • Another bonehead move from Iggy.I expect no less.

  3. We do not need nor want a GG. Please note people we can still be part of the Commonweath which has its benefits and respects tradition and historical ties without a GG. . We do not need a GG , a remnant of empire. The Empire perished with World War I.

  4. The governing party has the Queen's Canadian Secretary consult with the opposition parties on each GG selection. Though oppo leaders usually keep the consultations private.

  5. Agreed, I cannot think of a time, in lets say the past two years, in which the GG has done something of relevance.

  6. the last two were minority women from back east who worked for the cbc right .. time to get a white anglophone man from vancouver

  7. an excellent way to irk the minority pm…

  8. Conrad Black for GG.

  9. I hope The G.G. gets another extension she did a great job as a representive for Canada.