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Ignatieff takes to the airwaves

The federal Liberals release ads attacking the Conservative government


Amid growing election speculation, the Liberals have released a series of attack ads targeting the Conservative government. Anchored by the slogan “We can do better,” three of the six Liberals ads—one in English, two in French—popped up on Youtube and Facebook Sunday morning. The English ad, titled “Worldview,” takes the Harper government to task for its attacks against Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff over his time spent abroad. “We need a new way of thinking,” Ignatieff says in the ad, “a government that thinks big, that has a global perspective, invests in Canadians, gets their ideas to market, reaching out to India and China to build the economy of tomorrow.” The French-language spots, meanwhile, attack the government over its record on the environment and Canada’s growing deficit.

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Ignatieff takes to the airwaves

  1. So a guy who has spent most of his life abroad comes back to Canada to tell us we can do better, that things need to change. That's a great message. Sorry if Canada is not good enough for you, Iggy, but many of us quite like it as is.

    Are these the ads that Libs have been talking about for months? I am underwhelmed, if they are.

    • This from a guy who can't even bring himself to cheer for a Canadian team!

    • Speak for yourself. A lot of us are appalled as to where Harper has taken us and wants to take us.. and we definitely deserve better then him.

    • At least Ignatieff loves Canada, something Harper is incapable of even saying when asked directly. Harper also calls our country a "welfare state in the worst sense of the term". He could have at least told us that to our faces instead of to an American audience.

      • Instead we have Count Iggy to tells us he is an American to American audiences. Oh – remember that remark also about our flag looking like a beer label. yeh your right Will – Count Iggy is the greatest. Bring on an election so we can see him become what he truly believes – he loses – hes gone.

      • Harper has said he loves Canada 10 thousand times. Your lies are not amusing. Also, your quote is 12 years old, it was said more than a decade ago. So apparently you cannot find anything newer than that. How impressive.

    • Do you really 'like it as is'? Nothing at all that you would change to make Canada better?

  2. I notice that the French ad doesn't say that it was the three party opposition coalition that threatened to topple the governemnt unless it introduced the huge deficit in the first place.

  3. Ever since Stepen Harper being PM in Canada, we go from $11 billion surplus to deficit. We have lost half million maufacturing job in last 2 years but replacing by retail job or temporary job. We have issued 250,000 temp work permit last year while many Canadian is losting job. When Canada needs new idea for new economy such as stem cell research, fiber optics, nuclear isotopes, Canadian government decided to be hands off and play no leadership role in Canadian competitiveness future. When Canadian citizen has troubled internationally such as Suaad Haagi Mohomad, Omar Khadar, Mohammad Kohail, we left them abandoned.

    We have a government less transparent than before and show more regional interest. We need a government to focus on Canadian matter in discerning and rehetoric manner. Canada is facing critical challenge and our top 10 strong country role may soon be vanished to the BRIC and we need better leader to orchestrate Canadian to a better future. It's commonly perceived that Iggy has better intellect and may be we need a better leader for this country. This may not be a good time for election but we definitely need a better leader in the next election

    • We've also evidently lost the ability to articulate ourselves properly.

      • Well, some more than others…

      • Pretty snappy comeback birck.
        Mr Harper is very articulate, but that does not make him trustworthy.

  4. How can anyone say that Ignatieff loves Canada? In his own writings he identifies himself as an American? If he loves Canada so much, why did he stay away so long?

    No, he loves the opportunity to become PM, that's all.

    • Talking point alert.

      • What a great rebuttal. Talking point? Or fact? Facts are worth repeating.

  5. Who is the Journalist attributed to this story?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

  6. Who is the Journalist attributed to this story?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

    I.E. byline?

  7. I feel sorry about Iggy, he looks very old in the ads and only interest in China and India, waste money.That's all….

  8. Kinda a quibble, but who wrote the headline and copy before the clip. The ad doesn't attack the Conservatives and indeed never mentions them. He talks about positive things the Liberals would do, that Canadians might do. I realize that there is an implied comparison but that is not really the same thing.

  9. Running ads that highlight the poor record of politicians and truthfully stating what their record is are NOT attack ads. These are facts and if Conservative voters or Conservative politicians view them as attack ads then it is obvious that Conservatives do not deserve to be governing Canada since they have no regard for putting their record to the people during a democratic election! It appears that Conservatives do not want to put their record on the table for the people to decide on and would rather use deception of the Canadian electorate and slander their opponents.

  10. Iggy doesn't love Canada, he loves Algonquin Park. Said so himself. Making political hay out of Canada's handling of the worldwide financial crisis is a joke. We weren't responsible for it but we handled it better than anyone. Iggy is a sad excuse for a leader and really is nothing but another Dion with better diction

  11. i can't really criticize iggy …nowhere on the liberal website does it say what he stands for …i suppose i could read his boring books but that only lets you think of what he hypothetically might do …at least we know jack and also mr decupetion's views are widely known