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Ignatieff: “This party is not for merging”

Liberal leaders shuts down idea of Lib-NDP merger


Shutting down recent speculation about a possible Liberal-NDP merger, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff told a Grit policy forum in Dartmouth, N.S. that his party is not interested. “This party is not for merging,” he said at the end of a 20-minute speech to about 155 delegates. “I’ve been saying it all along,” he later told reporters. “This party will run as the Liberal Party of Canada, with a positive, compassionate, responsible message . . . and we will win government. Period. That’s what we’re doing. That’s the business I’m in. I’m not in any other business.”

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Ignatieff: “This party is not for merging”

  1. If certain commenters had been posting in good faith, they'd be pretty embarrassed by now.

    But nobody ever believed it – some people, no friends of the NDP or Libs, just hoped if they repeated it enough others might.

    Now it's on to the next obfuscation, the next lie. And then they whine when they're not taken seriously.

    • Akshully, the bulk of the noise seems to have come from WITHIN the ranks of your aforementioned parties. Those within the CPC were bemused and bewildered at the thought that they could possibly enjoy the gift of such electoral success without even trying.

      Not that this will stop you from hurling "lies!" at least once per three or four comments. Carry on, then.

  2. Bob Rae is a Chretianite whereas ignatieff is a petersonite. These two antagonists have been undermining each other from the very start. Chretien, the little pipsqueak from Shenanigans, can't get use to not having power.And given that the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree, Bob Rae has done his share to place a monkey wrench into the spokes of the downward, dilapidated, discredited natural governing machine. As for Layton, his party is would take Canada out of NATO and form an alliance with Cuba,North Korea, and Iran.

  3. I was thinking more of commenters here.

    • Who, exactly?

      • no.

        • By "no", you mean: "No, I wasn't thinking of any particular commenter"?

  4. There are a few things I really enjoy in life and savor as much as I can like a good stake, beer and the destruction of the Liberal party of Canada as in this in the G and M:

    "On Saturday, Mr. Ignatieff reiterated his fierce opposition to a merger after a speech in Halifax.

    “This party is not for merging,” Mr. Ignatieff said. “We are the Liberal Party of Canada and in the next election we are going to run, and win, as the Liberal Party.”

    Still, as speculation continues to rage in political circles, the Liberals are trying to tone down the sense Mr. Chrétien has been actively promoting merger talks, undermining the leadership of Mr. Ignatieff. "

    Pass the ber and stake please!

    • as speculation continues to rage


      See first comment.




    • 0 for spelling.

  5. Typical conservative voter cannot even spell “steak”

    • With regard to this whole NDP/Liberal merger idea I think it's spelled "stake", bub.

    • hahaha – like a steak through his heart .. brilliant …

  6. Mr. Ignatieff doesn't get the message from the "Old Guard" of the Liberal Party – they do not consider him a leader worth talking with. All this palavering behind his back and he hasn't got the political smarts or power to do anything about it. As for merging those two parties – we all know how chalk and cheese go together. Same thing here. The Liberals consider themselves the "nobility" of Canadian politics and they consider the NDP guttersnipes. Merge – I don't think so!

    • the liberals and ndp wouldn't fit in too well together ..the Liberals when they were in power were the pro-business party and they did a lot to cut taxes, cut the deficit, and not to mention cut health care and education ..the ndp likes to bash business meanwhile their union members depend on it …the ndp also doesn't it in with the greens …i don't think the environment is the number one priority of the ndp

  7. Smart move! I can just imagine how a Government (?) like this would work. It's bad enough that we will wind up with the "Natural Governing Party" back in power at some point.

  8. I suspect that commentators are correct when they say that the merger rumors are aimed more at subverting and getting rid of Ignatieff more than anything else.

    Iggy is essentially a lame duck leader already.

    The best thing the Liberals could do is show some spine, force an election, take their beating, then try to rebuild under the next "leader de-jour."

  9. This party is not for merging

    Poor Iggy, can't even come up with an original quote, but has to paraphrase Maggie Thatcher's "This lady's not for turning" quote.

    • Must be his time in England.

      • Hey! He's Canadian, too! Don't you recall the great "A coalition if necessary…" line? Keep up!