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Ignatieff trails Harper in personality poll

Canadians say Harper is smarter, braver, more confident, but more hypocritical


In a new “personality poll,” Prime Minister Stephen Harper beat Michael Ignatieff in almost every measure, though even the PM’s numbers were low when respondents were asked if the leaders are “in tune with Canadians.” Just 28 per cent said Harper is “in tune with Canadians,” while 12 per cent said the same about Ignatieff. Where Harper shone was when respondents were asked who is most “confident” and “determined”—Harper got 55 per cent and 56 per cent, respectively, versus 28 per cent for Ignatieff on both measures. Harper also eked out a win on the question of who is smarter. Despite Ignatieff’s egghead reputation, 45 per cent said Harper is smarter compared to 41 per cent for the Liberal leader. Ignatieff’s single win was on the question of which leader is more “hypocritical.” Harper had a 43 per cent hypocrisy rating, while only 39 per cent called Ignatieff a hypocrite.


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Ignatieff trails Harper in personality poll

  1. what a bunch of B.S. there is no such poll. this is tory propaganda. this is a 100% fact. i go everywhere and i read almost everything and i have not seen ANY polls anywhere for that matter. TYPICAL TORY B.S.

    • Hmm, well the poll seems like it's legit, if you read the linked article.

      • QMI – speaks volumes doesn't it?

        Harper braver? Good grief, he runs and hides everytime things get tough for him.

    • yes they didn't ask your opinion so the whole thing is completely bogus. That tree in the forest? Didn't make a sound.

    • Wait, are you actually suggesting that polls don't exist?

  2. Harper will govern (in a minority) as if he has a majority for quite some time to come. Iggy just can't get people to warm up to him. It's funny because people certainly aren't warm to Mr. Blue Sweater either, but they'd rather go with the SOB they know.

  3. Ouch.

    • I wonder if that 'smarter' tag will change the "elitist" messaging? Heh, maybe that's why he got hit with the hypocritical tag as well, LOL.

      • I doubt it. The "elitist" thing, right or wrong, is about the image of being an ivory-tower egghead with little understanding of or interest in the proles. Most people don't consider that to be the same as "smart". In this case I think "smart" is being understood as "street-smart".

        • Actually, I get the sense that "elitist" is code for a select group that actively concentrates power in their hands to work against the masses of the common man to engage in social engineering.

          Social conservatives generally have the conceit of being the groundswell of populism against an elitist aristocracy of bureaucrats, academics, and social workers who seek to change the very fabric of their way of life against the will of the majority. Hence organizations with names like "The Moral Majority".

        • You're right; Ignatieff isn't street smart. He doesn't seem to have a mind of his own either. He seems to say or do whatever he thinks would play well on any given day.

  4. What a sad reflection on Canadians !

  5. Harper being an economist I haven't read much of his writings but I did have to read a few Ignatieff pieces when studying philosphy in univeristy and while I disagree with Ignatieff on a lot of issues the man is brilliant.
    In fact, during the Martin as a PM days the Liberal brass was incredibly up to date on what was going on on the intellectual front, I was floored when we met some of them.

  6. i didn't realize there were phone connections in caves and under rocks. Everyone else is playing in the sun. How else to explain this poll, unless Canadians have very poor judgement.

  7. Ignatieff is the Jar Jar Binks to Harper's Anakin Skywalker (as played by Jake Lloyd).

    • Hahaha, best reference to date…

  8. This is one of those few times when my heart goes out to politicians, no matter which party.

  9. Canadians know what's right…let the media and associated commies drone on…and on…and on

  10. I am really worried about the educational level of Canadians when I read about results like this; I wonder if (and hope that) the poll was flawed. Canadians need to do a bit of reading… start with Marci McDonald's, The Armageddon Factor. Then try Raj Patel's The Value of Nothing.

  11. iF Uggy Iggy was a bear an Iffy bear he d be.

  12. Wow, it must really hurt to be a politically correct egalitarian, right now. And they thought the masses were behind them!

    Harper's writings, found in publications of the National Citizens' Coalition, are thought-provoking and intelligent – but they are largely unavailable to the public because the Liberals kept quoting them out of context. Even more painfully, Harper had largely foregone what he had written and stood for – at least until recently. Happily, his intention to consider eliminating affirmative action from the federal civil service is gathering strength and support from people who want equal opportunity for all, not just the "protected groups".

    It's not that I want to see the federal government more efficient – I don't. But Harris's scrapping of quotas in the 90s brought Leftists into states of total apoplexy, which was fun to watch.