Ignatieff will say no to Obama

Even if the new prez asks Canada to stick around in Afghanistan


He’s been condemned as a hawk for his initial support of the Iraq invasion, but according to an interview in today’s Sun, the new Liberal leader has gone public with his view that Canadian mission should end as scheduled in 2011 — even if President Obama asks us to reconsider. “We want to stay involved on the political side; we want to stay involved on the diplomatic side,” he told the Sun in an wide-ranging pre-budget interview. “But we feel we’ve made a decade-long contribution and we think it’s time to come home … my short answer is ‘No.’

Ottawa Sun

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Ignatieff will say no to Obama

  1. Smart reporter, or just lucky. I see he didn’t ask michael what his long answer might have been. First rule of journalism when interviewing him, be kind to the public and be careful what you ask.

  2. “We want to stay involved on the political side; we want to stay involved on the diplomatic side,”

    Is it possible to stay involved political/diplomatic sides once we pull our troops out or will we be ignored once we decide we no longer want to do the heavy lifting but would very much like to lecture others on what they are doing wrong?

    • Try and think about this from the pov of the soldiers jwl. They’re very tired. We’ve bled enough for a reluctant nato members who hav’n’t done enough heavy lifting. Far as i’m concerned if we’re ignored after more than 100 lives sacrificed, then f*** em!

      • I agree that we’ve easily earned right to have a say but I don’t believe that’s how it works in the real world. Once a country’s troops are gone, they remaining countries don’t seem to care what their former ally thinks.

    • Quite frankly, if an occupying force won’t listen to a good idea, no matter what its source, it no longer has the moral authority to be an occupying force. Short answer – they damn well better listen if they want a hope of getting out of this.

  3. Harper would say yes?