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Ignatieff “would have preferred a different result”

Liberal vote is defeated… by Liberals


It was the vote Liberals had been waiting for. When it was done, the ever-demure Michael Ignatieff said only that he “would have preferred a different result.” On Tuesday night, Canadian MPs voted on whether or not to support family-planning initiatives that fell within Canadian aid projects abroad. The Liberals forced the vote, hoping to peel support away from Stephen Harper, whose government raised concern with its hard line against funding for family planning schemes. But things didn’t play out according to the Liberal plan. The measure was defeated 144-138. What’s more: more than a dozen Liberals didn’t even show up to cast a vote, and three Liberals voted with Conservatives. Ignatieff brushed aside speculation that his leadership rests on fragile grounds: “I don’t think my troops are shooting at me.” Still, Tuesday’s vote have Liberals and Conservatives alike asking: just where were those missing Liberal MPs?

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Ignatieff “would have preferred a different result”

  1. It looks good on the feckless Liberal leader. Abortion is an explosive issue and if he had lived in Canada for 34 years he would know using the issue as a wedge issue can come back to bite you. It bit him big time and he is in deep trouble with the caucus. First the caucus isn't invited to the wind-athon (h/t Weston) and then they were not consulted on the motion. This is no way to run a party let alone lead it. Harper has his faults but Iffy is a disaster and no match for him.

  2. Serves him right.

  3. I ithnik Iggy can thank his good friend Bobby Rae for this mess.

  4. A note for times like this: Dec 09, 2008

    The Liberals want to have a new leader in place before the end of the year, so they can prepare for a possible showdown with the Tories in Parliament early next year.

    Rae had wanted all Liberal members to vote on the leadership. But the party's national executive decided they would have a vote that only included MPs, senators, riding association presidents, club presidents, and defeated candidates. They also decided it would be on Dec. 17 – not enough time for Rae to organize a significant challenge to Ignatieff, who already had the support of support.

    “I learned how to count a while ago,” Rae joked on CTV's Mike Duffy Live. “I drew a conclusion that said it was time to pack it in.”

    Liberal Sen. Céline Hervieux-Payette, who participated in the conference call, was reportedly furious over the process by which Ignatieff will take power, Fife said.

    “This will destroy the Liberal Party, I'm devastated by what this will do to the party, they don't understand anything about democracy,” she said, according to notes obtained by Fife.

    • Yup, the LPC is now taking the consequences of that sorry affair. I have never understood why the LPC did not see this shortcoming at the time.

  5. Is not even that he has lived out of Canada for so long, it's like he is from another planet, I mean, what made him think that abortion was a way to go against Harper, he was NEVER going to win on that one, period. He can't even connect with his own party, he isn't authentic and it's kind of sad to see what he is doing to the Liberal Party, I loved Chretien and I miss him!

    • he tried to open up the abortion issue but ironically he is saying it is best to abort third world children ..he must be some sort of extremist

      • I really wonder what was he thinking! From the moment he opened his mouth sounded like a huge mistake.

  6. Could the Liberal party be more screwed up and fractured?

    You bet, we ain't seen nothing yet.


  7. I thought Peter Donolo was brought on as Ignatieff's Chief of Staff back in October to prevent exactly this sort of thing. Just look at today's Ekos polls with the Liberals down to 27.7% of decided voters. Ignatieff seems to spend poltical capital like he has an endless supply.

    If the Liberals don't want to spend years in the political wilderness, they need a new leader now.


  8. Is there anyone out there that can ever and I mean EVER recall any opposition leader of any parliament ever put forward a motion only to have his own MP's torpedoe it? … THINK ABOUT IT! What we have all just witnessed was a casebook study suitable for a PHD thesis of ' Incompetence ' .. Imagine the shock after NOT having a caucus meeting before his own motion and then not polling his own MP's to see how they would actually VOTE! and then not having his own Whip manage to do well anything really only to stand there in the House during the vote and look stupefied as his own strategy stuck a knife right into the very heart (NO EXAGERRATION) of his own party – it takes BONEHEADENESS to a whole new level and is worse than anything Dion ever did by a mile .. because his own MP's now know he can't cut it so we all know the knives are being sharpened as I type this .. nexxt stop anonymous insiders reaching out folks be prepared.

  9. Hopefully the Liberals stay blind for reality.