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#IkeaMonkey: Where is he now?

Five things we learned about Darwin from the morning papers


Five things we’ve learned about #IkeaMonkey from the morning papers:

1. His name is Darwin and he is a five-month-old rhesus macaque.

2. Owner Yasmin Nakhuda is a Toronto real estate lawyer. As she explained to the Star, she first encountered the monkey when she agreed to watch the animal for someone else. “It was a babysitting experience that turned into a fatal attraction and put me where I am,” she told the paper. Turns out the monkey wouldn’t leave her side.

3. In posts that accompany YouTube videos of her charge, Nakhuda describes caring for her monkey-baby: “He has to be with me all the time which means he goes with me to the office, sleeps with me, eats with me, showers with me, goes shopping with me . . .”

In this YouTube video, Darwin is captured exploring Nakhuda’s office. (“Hey, I am a working mom,” Nakhuda explains. “Do you own a monkey too? I’d love to have tips for helping Darwin to be a happy monkey. Feel free to share.”)

In this video, Darwin shows off his Halloween costume:

Here, he gets ready for bed:

4. Darwin’s new home is Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary in Sunderland, Ont., where he has been paired with a “motherly” monkey. “We were relieved that he was coming to a place where his needs are going to be met first,” sanctuary founder Sherri Delaney told the National Post.

5. Darwin’s former owners have been fined $240 for owning an exotic pet.




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#IkeaMonkey: Where is he now?

  1. Do these animal loving people not actually watch the Discovery channel? These are not pets. He’s a cute little bundle of laughs right now, but on the onset of primate adolescence wait until the hormonal cocktail kicks in. The transition would be horrific. In political terms it would be like going from the almost childlike, semi-precocious Pollievre to full on angry, shouty J Baird.

  2. should have been fined 5000.00 not a piddly 250.00. what sort of deterrent is this?
    she should know better as a lawyer and should be ashamed for encouraging trafficking in exotic animals. This little creature had a real mother who is likely dead. It’s not an accessory like a Coach bag, her defense is ridiculous and unacceptable as a member of the legal profession. Adopt a human child or have a baby if you need to dress something up.

  3. As a lawyer she should be ashamed of both breaking the law and supporting the illegal trafficking of exotic animals. Her behaviour has worked to display an unprofessional image of the legal profession and she should definitely be disciplined by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

  4. I’m just waiting to see when those “FREE DARWIN” demonstrations…