Illegal tiger trade killing 100 cats each year

Skins, bones and claws among the most common items seized


More than 1,000 wild tigers have been killed in the past decade due to the illegal trade in tiger parts, the BBC reports. Despite efforts to protect them, over the past century, tiger numbers have fallen from 100,000 cats to just about 3,500, according to a study from Traffic International, which monitors trade in wildlife. Using data from 11 of 13 countries where they live, it estimated that between 1,069 to 1,220 tigers were killed to supply illegal demand for tiger parts, with skins, bones and claws the most common items seized. Any commercial trade in their parts has been banned since 1987. Of the 481 seizures analyzed, over 275 were in India, where half the world’s tigers live.

BBC News

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Illegal tiger trade killing 100 cats each year

  1. This is purely awful. 100 tigers in one year. This figure is in no way balanced and acceptable. It also indicates the failure of our efforts as well towards preserving tiger programs. In no one in the world, we have managed to extract 100 new tiger cubs being born in the wild. Therefore, this figure is still very dangerous. However, in the captivity, we have been able to have more than 100 tigers per year being born at animal sanctuaries. In USA there are 20,000 tigers living in the captivity, whereas; there are only 3,500 tigers live in the wild. Moreover, people have started to focus on liger reproduction as well. The population liger breding over the past decade has increased as well

    It looks like we have lost our focus in preserving the tigers in the wild. But rather we have decided that we shall preserve them in the captivity and animal sanctuaries and whenever, their population will rise we shall experiment with them in the form of ligers, and tigons etc. That is very sad and shameful…..

  2. I'm an Indian and I hate tiger poachers and tiger sellers. I hate people who buy stuff made from tiger bodies. If I invite someone for a party and he/she dresses up with tiger parts in their clothes or jewelry made from tiger parts, I'll public disgrace him or her and help other people remind that this person was wearing something that originates from the body of a tiger. I hope they'll reject such fallen people.
    It's brutal to kill tigers and laugh about it. Their are not "tiger" medicines and the drinks look like puke to me. I won't even touch the inner body part of a tiger. That's like touching the inside-out dead body of your parents. It's aweful.
    read following line and fear me: If you Chinese fools cannot keep your own tigers alive THEN DON'T TOUCH THE TIGERS FROM INDIA, OR SOON I'LL COME FOR YOU. LAY OFF YOUR HANDS FROM OUR NATIONAL ANIMAL!