Immigration minister's budget increased under Kenney -

Immigration minister’s budget increased under Kenney

Government records show spending up 35 per cent


In the three years since Jason Kenney took over the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, spending by the minister’s office has grown by 35 per cent according to government records. The ministry’s 2009-2010 budget was $2.5-million, which is $600,000 more than it was when Diane Finley was Immigration Minister in 2007-2008. Kenney’s spokesman, Alykhan Velshi, attributes the increase of the ministerial budget to the combining of the immigration and multiculturalism portfolios. The opposition charges that Kenney used the money to pursue partisan ethnic outreach initiatives, as evidenced by the recent scandal involving one of the minister’s aides sending out a partisan funding request using the ministerial letterhead.

Halifax Chronicle-Herald

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Immigration minister’s budget increased under Kenney

  1. The budget required an increase to offset the increased letterhead printing costs.

    • And multiculturalism awards featuring the CPC crest.

  2. Just putting the money in the ministerial budget and using it to make propaganda for the conservative. It is a dirty trick and it should be investigate. Harper uses all the deception he can think of to win a majority and he will kiss the … of any immigrante, if he will vote conservative. I really hope that the immigrantes don't go for his tricks.

  3. In light of new information, I would like to correct an earlier post.

    Our Conservative Canadian Harper government, converting Canadians of Convenience to Conservative Canadians 600,000 dollars at a time.

  4. If they had reduced the budget critics would see it as evidence of hidden racism in the government and an attack on immigrants.

    • Tories love spending money, they just don't like paying for it. They think that other people can do that dirty job while they are out of office and then run for office complaining because those others did exactly that. Like pampered kids they are never told "no" and they always have an excuse when they mess up.
      It's tough for you seeing a bunch of so-called fiscal Conservatives actually turn out to be so profligate with other folks' cash isn't it. Your comment shows that your heart isn't even in it.

  5. Offering faint hope. . .

    What was the multicultural budget before, and when added to immigration, is the final result still a 35% increase, or are we saving money on the deal?