Immigration to Canada hits record high in 2010

Admissions are 6% higher than planned, according to minister


Canada welcomed a record number of immigrants in 2010, according to a report by Immigration Minister Jason Kenney. The report indicates that 280,636 new permanent residents were admitted—the highest reported number in over 50 years.”Canada’s post-recession economy demands a high level of economic immigration to keep our economy strong,” said Kenney. The immigration minister also noted that the swell of immigration will reduce wait times for other applicants and help meet labour market needs.

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Immigration to Canada hits record high in 2010

  1. Let's see now the only ones that will lose from this as the country they were born into and built are longterm immigrants and birthright Canadians. There children will feel it to as they experience the reallocation of the country and it's resources. Banks, development companies, special intersets groups and of course the lowest form of legal designation immigration lawyers they will benefit.

    • The country benefited from my parents moving here and raising a successful family. When they came here they were neither 'longterm immigrants' nor 'birthright Canadians' and the country is still here and doing quite well.

      • Where did they originate from? Also why not have a referendum on this issue which has such a longterm impact on Canada, that won't happen though because if put to the average taxpayer whether they be longterm or Canadian born there would be a signal for change. In order for this to happen though we would have to have a democratic country, not just serving the interests of banks, development companies and special interest groups that wish to establish a beach head.

    • It is beyond me how anyone can make sense out of your writing.

  2. I don’t know about “Canada welcoming” all those Immigrants as the headline says but I sure didn’t. Is that why I see veils and burquas every where I look where I live?
    Doesn’t even look like the same City anymore. And that’s not a good thing.

    • I don't welcome your racist coments on here either Greg in Cambridge but here they are. I am sure, however, they must have been very close to what the first nations people said when the white man showed up. "there are so many of them, doesn't even look like my country anymore". Gee, Greg do you think these immigrants want to put you on a reservation?

      • you piece of fucking sell out shit, people like you need to be sent to the furthest pit of hell where Hitler is. What makes greg in cambridge racist? the fact that he is pointing something out that every canadian born is asking themselves, why are all these 3rd world pieces of shit are in my town, what the fuck happened to this country? Healthcare insider, why do people that think like you even exist? oh thats right people like you end up being the little bitch for the evil men in charge responsible for the atrocities that happened to my cities. Do you feel a sense of pride when you think the way you do? Do you feel good that people that think like you are responsible for all the whites becoming homeless and turning to drugs because all their jobs were taken by immigrants. You are just as guilty as hitler, and just as evil. No single country should be forced upon what has happened to this country. You are demographically, religiously, socially, economically, and culturally destroying this country to what it is today. SHAME ON YOU. Where else are all the like minded canadians going to go? United states is the only option but its too hard to get in there. let me finalize everything by saying canada is a disgrace to me, and i no longer wish to be called a canadian. I wish i could leave, if i could leave i would have a long time ago to get away from absent minded liberal retards and 3rd world pieces of shit like you. your mother should have aborted youl

    • Fortunately (for all of us) you're still free to leave.

    • Burqas and veils "everywhere" you look? In Cambridge no less. Really.

    • Don't worry Greg: you are not alone in your thoughts. All the studies show that, within 15-20 years, the bleeding-heart liberals will have won and the mouselims will predominate and then all those idiots bad-mouthing you and I will find out what it's like to live under Sharia law.

      • Not to mention half of them are tied to terrorist links. They rob you of your jobs then you are forced to move in a city that you were born and raised in mabe we should invade their country see how they like it they do it for world domination. The only result of this is major civil wars in the future. The only way of cleaning up the country of them is to vote Communism

    • Not to mention half of them are tied to terrorist links. They rob you of your jobs then you are forced to move in a city that you were born and raised in mabe we should invade their country see how they like it they do it for world domination. The only result of this is major civil wars in the future.

  3. Canadian don't make enough money for the politicians to hand out. So they bring in people from around the world. Just to put them to work for two reasons. One. to feed there own pockets. And two, to feed the corporations the money there own companies can't make with there own products! More people longer free ride for themselves.

  4. I love how pathetic Canadians are. Swamping themselves with immigrants and then whining about the threat of terrorism. Simply pathetic.

    We in the US ought to simply conquer you and put an end to your stupidity. You've become nothing but a liability.

    • At least we do not build walls around our country. Frankly, Americans are known around the world as the stupid breed.

    • i thought america is owned by china now

    • The US also has a very high rate of immigration– not just illegal, but legal as well. So what on earth are you talking about.

    • Ian, just to correct you. There may be a few paranoid Canadians, most of them seemingly blogging on this site, who are paranoid about terrorism. Perhaps they even "whine" about it. However, the majority of Canadians are not overly concerned with worry over terrorism and certainly are not whinning about it. In fact, that it the problem that the US head of homeland security has with Canada. So, if you are going to mock us at least do it for accurate reasons. Otherwise, you are "simply pathetic".

      • Well said ….

  5. Well to be honest, Immigration is the "blood stream" of Canadian system. Every year, hundreds of thousands of immigrants come to Canada for settlement. They not only play a vital role in economy but also bring piles of wealth to run the system here. Its (immigration) one of THE profitable industries here in Canada.

    • because of the strict immigration rules actually immigrants are more educated and skilled than the average canadian …so it is interesting that many canadians would not qualify to immigrate to canada!!!

    • most white people are trying to leave canada, the only reason there is growth is because the immigrants they let in. its a true fact that canadas population rate is decreasing if you take away the 300,000+ immigrants a year that are “allowed” in.
      yes you heard me, i said 300,000 and its not a joke. if anyone discredits anything i said and theyll be ignoring the truth

  6. We do not need so many immigrants, each requires too many thousands of dollars in government services, and government spending only appears to boost the economy. The objective should be to make Canadians more productive, we have enough people.

    • if the population ages and less people are working there will be less people to pay in to the tax system… to make up the difference they would have to boost the birth rate or bring in new people … the only reason people are against new people is they think they are not like themselves …back in the old days people would be racist against whoever the new group like the italians or irish

      • go to japan and try to tell them that, they will spit on you.

  7. Multiculturalism will destroy what is left of this country. These people know a gravy train when they see one. Haven't researched it but have read numerous times we treat immigrants better than our seniors. No wonder I don't vote any longer. I guess it is too late for a truly conservative government. Mulroney, Harper, all suckholing to the left for support.

  8. This is ridiculous. Canada's immigration policies of the past 30 years would never survive a reasonable cost/benefit analysis. Even if it was just younger people coming in, the extra tax revenue that they generate is more than offset by the increased costs to programs like health care and education. Then, the sad reality is that the vast majority of new immigrants come from unstable 3rd world societies and that means a lot more costs to defend against terrorism. How much tax money has the whole “Toronto 18” saga used up, for example? What are the costs associated with keeping tabs on hundreds if not thousands of radicals in our larger cities?

  9. i 'm a refugee in south africa its two times ,i miss to be dead about xenophobia and lot of crimes here ,i'm not feel safe . please i need an help to move here.i'm 31 years old ,i need to move from here to canada that place i think its a safe place for me.

    • fuck you, people like you are the problem in canada. why cant you pick up a gun and fight just like how hundreds of thousands of us fought and died for here.

  10. i'm yves emmanuel dzondo from congo brazzaville but i'm a refugee in south africa exactly to cape town.i wish to leave this country because i'm not safe here ,two times was suffuring about xenophobia and racisme its like our lunch every day. i need help to any organisation to canada to help me to move here this my email for any contact yves.yvesdzndo@gmail.com and my cell number 0027 724534123… i'm free anytime

  11. I would like to find a way to get out of Colorado United States for good. I always wanted to live in Oregon but I am going to have to give up because of the Job market. I am worried and if I don’t get a job soon I could lose the last I have, Myself. I am not a true believer in The American Politics and system and the white people here have been trash for quite a while. These so called fellow Americans, well they are rotten. I was told not to run from my problems but to face them but you know what. I want to start fresh, new life somewhere else but I don’t got the money for it. I would chose Canada but have been avoiding it because of the Coldness of Winter. Living in California for so long and then Colorado, a big disappointment for both, I have gotten used to the weather. Can someone tell me what I could do to make it easier if I were to leave this place.

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