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Health Care in Canada: Time to rebuild medicare


To RSVP to the January 26th event at Dalhousie University, Halifax please click here to send an email to events@macleans.ca

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In Conversation with Maclean’s: Health Series


Click here to register for the March 24th End-of-Life Care: A National Dialogue event at the Fairmont Waterfront, Vancouver.

Live streaming will be available on www.macleans.ca/healthseries, 7:00pm PDT, March 24th, 2014. (10:00pm EDT; 9:00pm CDT; 11:00pm ADT; 8:00pm MDT; 11:30pm NDT).

For any questions please contact the Maclean’s events team at events@macleans.ca or 416-764-1500.

2014 CMA Vancouver

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