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The NYT today has a great profile of William Kuebler, Omar Khadr’s lawyer.  It is fascinating both for what it tells us about Kuebler himself, but also about how the military commissions have been thwarted from within by lawyers within the armed services. Everyone expected the military commissions to  become kangaroo courts of trumped-up justice, but the exact opposite has occurred. The military lawyers have done such an effective job of challenging the  very system that has been set up that not a single trial has been held in seven years:

However scrappy he may appear, Commander Kuebler does not claim the typical lawyer’s zest for a fight for its own sake. Instead, he said, his faith and his work are intertwined. “It is a powerful way to be a witness for Christ,” he said, “by demonstrating your capacity to not judge the way everybody else is judging and to serve unconditionally.”


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In Khadr’s Corner

  1. The Kuebler Elf (which is what I mentally dubbed him, mostly so I would remember to pronounce his name correctly) was one of the most impressive witnesses to come before committee in my memory. Which admittedly, is not as rich as some, but still – I go to a lot of committees, and I see a lot of witnesses. I’m glad to see he is getting the attention – and appreciation – that he deserves in his own country. There was very little to give one faith in US military justice system that came out during those hearings; Mr. Kuebler’s existence, however, did.

  2. Canadians and americans we have spent so much money in this country we have lost so many young men and women 18 to 50 ysr old mostly 18 to 25 yrs old. i was in afghanistan last year i saw the good that coalition soldiers are doing. I saw insurgents kill my friends while i was there. we were just trying to help them and provide them with humanitarian aid. and helping them secure there country so no foreign terrorist,eg, canadian* pakistan,uzbeke iraqi,iranian and other can come in and hurt these people. its a war zone people it has been for hundreds of years. this canadian citizen who left his homeland to go kill soldiers from his own country and his neighbor country. should not have any rights at all. there have been so many canadian casulties in afghanistan. why canada? why not stand up for your country. giving this kid a chance to live is going to destroy both our countries. you know becoming an adult in america is 18 years old in afghanistan its 15 (more like 10). this kid as people are calling him was a grown man me made the choice to kill soldiers who were trying to secure afghanistan. please canadians cut these people off stop leting them into your country stand up for yourselves. look at europe the police have to put special sox on there expolsive dogs just to go into a mosque. and take off there shoes. is that what you want for canada? why should we make any special exceptions for anyone else because of there religon?>

  3. The following is a list of Canadians who died as a result of the very organization Khadr and his family worked for and supported, I just thought we should remember them as they do not get mentioned in our media much(shame on us) rczynski, Mike
    Bailey, Garnet
    Barkway, David
    Basnicki, Ken

    Collison, Joe
    Connolly, Cindy
    Dack, Arron
    Egan, Christine

    Egan, Michael
    Elmarry, Albert
    Ewart, Meredith
    Feidelberg, Peter

    Filipov, Alexander
    Gerhardt, Ralph
    Lee, Stuart
    Ludvigsen, Mark

    Mascarenhas, Bernard
    McArthur, Colin
    Pelletier, Mike
    Robson, Donald

    Santos, Rufino
    Tomasevic, Vladimir
    Vincelli, Chantal
    Williams, Debbie

  4. By the way in case people did not know the names I posted they are the canadians who died during 911

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