In photos: Campus chic -

In photos: Campus chic

Our University Rankings issue captured scholarly style from Acadia to SFU


Students aren’t only focused on classes and careers. Neither is the 2014 Maclean’s University Rankings issue. It features a photo essay of scholarly style from Acadia to SFU. Here are some of the best shots.


In photos: Campus chic

  1. Macleans, you know I love you and I say this for your own good. you are a magazine for middle-agers and even your young turks tend to come off as stodgy fogeys in their writing. Nobody is going to come to you for undergraduate fashion advice. You’d be better to write another article on how some aspect of modern living shows that attitudes we associate with those of the 50+ crowd were right all along and young people are finally coming around to it. Anything else is going to scare your subscriber demographic.

    • Gad….working class fogeys….that would figure.