Indian general who led Golden Temple raid stabbed in England -

Indian general who led Golden Temple raid stabbed in England


The now-retired Indian army general who helped lead India in the deadly 1984 raid on the Golden Temple in Amritsar against Sikh militants was stabbed in London. It appears it was an assassination attempt.

Lt. Gen. Kuldeep Singh Brar, 78, was attacked by four men and slashed in the neck while walking with his wife near London’s Oxford Street. He was treated in a London hospital, then released.

London police are treating the attack as an attempted murder, but haven’t figured out a motive for it yet.

Brar has already linked the attack to his role in the Golden Temple raid, which killed more than 1,000.

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Indian general who led Golden Temple raid stabbed in England

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    [Part I of 3-part comment]
    OCTOBER 2, 2012: The alleged attack by Sikhs on Lt. Gen. K. S. Brar, who took part in Operation Blue Star, in London on Sunday, September 30 ’12 was fabricated by RAW to provide a ‘security’ excuse for the Italian woman living in the prime ministerial residence, flying in palatial jets, etc. at government expense after the Gujarat chief minister questioned these on October 1 ’12; the attack was back-dated to September 30 ’12 though the earliest news report on the attack as of 8:30 am on October 2 ’12 Eastern time in Canada — 6:00 pm Indian Standard Time on October 2 ’12 — in a Google aggregation of news is 22 hours old; the physician who attended on Lt. Gen. Brar in the hospital after the alleged attack has an Indian name so he can lie at the behest of RAW. A report dated Monday, October 1, 2012 on punjabnewslineDOTcom says Brar was “was left wounded in an assault in London on Monday”, indicating that the attack was staged or fabricated on Monday, October 1 ’12 after the Gujarat chief minister’s remarks on government expenditure on the Italian woman. Compare this to the ‘security’ provided to the greatest living Indian in the paragraphs dated September 26, 2012 below. As I said in a press release dated September 27, 2008 (included in my blog ‘Nuclear Supremacy For India Over U.S.’ ), “This is why Manmohan Singh considers himself answerable to no one except Bush and the white man as he imposes the terrorization and subjugation of the nuclear deal on India, makes no attempt to hide his loyalty to the white man and shows open contempt for Indians…. Like Manmohan Singh and others praising British rule over India (he did that when receiving an honorary doctorate from Cambridge University; he was prime minister of India at the time), there are many Indians who praise American rule over India. Like the many Indians loyal to Queen Victoria, there are many Indians loyal to the white woman illegitimately living in the prime ministerial residence, illegitimately flying in the Air Force’s special jets and giving orders to destroy India [she was treated as the empress of India even before she held any party or government post and all visiting heads of state were required to call on her at her residence; this was so even during BJP governments at the Center] …”.

    SEPTEMBER 29, 2012: K. Subrahmanyam expressed resentment at the fact that Brajesh Mishra rather than he was the national security adviser and K. Subrahmanyam was the kingpin of CIA operations in India. On August 9-10, 2008 he came on line with CIA Director Michael Hayden and offered to transfer one crore rupees into my bank account within 48 hours if I agree to cooperate with them in ‘the cause of Indo-US friendship’. See . I have described how K. Subrahmanyam staged his fake death and fled to the United States when he saw his game was up.

    People such as Mishra and Subrahmanyam and Vajpayee and the Nehru family compete in being the better soldiers for the CIA and the United States; see my blog below.

    I have shown in my blog, ‘Nuclear Supremacy For India Over U.S.’, that the 1998 nuclear tests were pre-arranged with the United States and the United States’ expression of surprise at the tests was fake. And that the Kargil war was arranged by the CIA, with the help of its agent Musharraf and RAW, to help Vajpayee win the election that was impending after he had lost a vote of confidence in parliament.

    The CIA, which rules India through RAW which has hundreds of joint secretaries — see ‘What You Should Know About RAW’ : — has India in its pocket including all political parties, the media, the armed forces, civil servants and the general population as the British had India in their pocket. India’s one and a quarter billion people do not equal a single stinking turd from the Italian woman’s backside. Only the simultaneous nuclear explosions destroying New Delhi, Washington and New York will change this situation because those explosions will be a consequence of, an expression of, my Word and my Word is the Life and Light of India (see below).

    ‘Nuclear Supremacy For India Over U.S.’ :

    ‘Join India’s War Of Independence’ :

    ‘India’s Traitor Government and Media’ :

    ‘Indian Air Force Pilots’ Murder’ :

    ‘RAW’s Trafficking of Indian Children to Israel to be Used as Food’ :

    SEPTEMBER 27, 2012: In a comment on The Pioneer a couple days ago I said that the murders of two panchayat heads in Kashmir were carried out by RAW. A main purpose was so the villagers could ‘demand’ that the Italian woman’s son visit them, provide them with reassurance and security and his stern response to the murders and impending visit to provide succor to the villagers could be splashed over the media as I just saw NDTV do — just as a train accident in Uttar Pradesh on July 10 ’11 killing about a hundred was carried out so the Italian woman’s son could visit the victims in hospital and his visit splashed all over the media. Compare that to the suppression by RAW of the greatest living Indian described below:-

    SEPTEMBER 26, 2012: “India unable to make impact in science globally: PM :
    New Delhi, Sep 26 (IANS) Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Wednesday said India has not been able to make an impact in science on a world scale commensurate with its large scientific manpower pool.”

    Here is an Indian scientist who made an impact in science on a world scale:-

    Date: April 28, 2006

    From: Satish Chandra, P.O. Box 381629, Cambridge, MA 02238, USA

    Telephone: 617-282-4996 FAX: 617-825-4973

    Web Page:

    Dear Editor:

    Regarding the case of a novel by an Indian sophomore at Harvard: a graduate student from the Indian subcontinent at Boston’s Northeastern University was accused of plagiarism because the quality of English in assigned work she turned in for a course was incomparably superior to anything she was capable of writing and, to prove this, she was required to answer the same questions in the presence of a faculty member. She wrote about thirty pages in perhaps two hours which exactly reproduced what she had earlier turned in. The faculty member alleged she had copied from papers she had with her. In her rebuttal, the student wrote this faculty member was watching her like the proverbial “hawk” throughout this session and her charge of copying was a “damnable lie”. She explained, in her rebuttal and to her faculty adviser, that she had “memorized” what she reproduced in the presence of the faculty member. The lying faculty member was obliged to leave the university.

    The Harvard sophomore, an Indian-American, says (New York Times, April 27 ’06, Internet) she had read the books from which she is alleged to have plagiarized three or four times, that she has a “photographic memory” and had last read the books some time before she wrote her own book. Psychologist B. F. Skinner, whose plagiarism I exposed (see letter dated February 26 ’05 below), upon which he was awarded an honorary doctorate by Harvard and I was mugged in a Harvard seminar (see letter dated May 11 ’05 below), wrote in his ‘Notebooks’ that the practice, several thousands of years old and still continuing, of Brahmin priests memorizing entire books (such as the Vedas) may have had a (genetically) “selective effect” endowing them with superior memory (and other cognitive abilities). Memorization of very long texts is still the standard way students learn, at all levels, in the Indian subcontinent and the practice is not limited to Brahmin priests (the Northeastern University student was Muslim). Such ability, commonplace to Indians, is astonishing to Americans. The Harvard sophomore, of Indian origin with near perfect SAT scores, can be expected to have genetically superior memory and her explanation of how she came to reproduce portions of books she had read is believable. This does not mean that she did not intentionally plagiarize, just that her explanation is credible.

    Skinner, author of ‘Verbal Behavior’, describes playing the “sedulous ape” to established authors as a way budding authors learn. Examples of similarities between the Harvard sophomore’s novel and the novels she read (Boston Globe, April 25 ’06, Internet) would have fit this description if the similarities were intentional. The similarities could be unconscious yet intentional (there are unconscious intentions). But they could have been both unconscious and unintentional, because of the way a person’s verbal repertoire is formed. Skinner’s own plagiarism was infinitely more serious (see my paper in BEHAVIORISM, Spring, 1976). Skinner was voted by American psychology department chairpersons as the most influential living psychologist and, along with Sigmund Freud, one of the two most influential psychologists of all time. A survey showed that his world-wide reputation exceeded the combined reputation of the thirty or so Nobel prize winners in the Boston area. It was based on his position of ‘radical behaviorism’ which he defined in terms of his opposition to what he called ‘mentalism’ and Freud, of course, is the great mentalist. For his position to be viable, he had to provide an account of the so-called ‘higher mental processes’ such as language, which he did in ‘Verbal Behavior’. By showing that his account of language was simply a refinement of the work of Freud, my paper in BEHAVIORISM eliminated any basic distinction between his position and Freud’s and the basis for his claim to being a great and original thinker. In a question and answer session with thousands of his followers who packed the grand ballroom of the Hilton hotel in Chicago in May, 1977, he was very angrily denounced by his own followers, such as by one who stood up, livid with rage, shouting, referring to my paper and its implications (“SATISH CHANDRA HAS SHOWN…”), for the fraud he had perpetrated on them and the world; his world-wide reputation and appearance on TIME magazine’s cover, etc., were due to the fundamental importance of the basic nature of human beings, for prescriptions on how they should live and be educated and governed, issues of freedom, etc., of whether they are machines or have a mind or soul and how they function. Skinner acknowledged “similarities” between him and Freud shown by “Chandra” in “BEHAVIORISM”, but had no response beyond first emphatically and aggressively saying “Or Jesus Christ! Or B. F. Skinner!” in the same breath, then minimizing the importance of such matters by appealing to the general state of ethics and what is acceptable in academia with a light-hearted “what–Miller wrote it, Gallanter takes credit for it, Pribram believes it!” (these were co-authors of a book in cognitive psychology). Upto then, Skinner had had his critics such as Chomsky of M.I.T. but had, correctly, maintained that Chomsky’s review of ‘Verbal Behavior’ was based on very poor scholarship and a misunderstanding of his position. He could not say that about my paper in BEHAVIORISM, the principal vehicle for theoretical work in radical behaviorism, whose editor called me with profound emotion about a day after he received it and wrote to me “Heartiest congratulations on what I regard to be a major contribution to work in the field”. From Germany alone, more than two dozen psychologists wrote me requesting reprints, besides every behaviorist in the United States. That paper was effective in a way that Chomsky’s was not and killed behaviorism ( the journal’s name has been changed to ‘Behavior and Philosophy’). Skinner himself wrote to me (see excerpts from his letter on my web page: ) about that paper, before the above session with his followers, “…want to tell you, while the spell is on me, how much I admire what you have done. You have made a much more courageous use of the autoclitic and the atomic operant than I did, with breath-taking results. Seldom have I read a paper that seemed to me to contain so much that was new and forward-moving…”, etc. But after the above session with his followers, his behavior was very different (see the letter sequence below).

    Verbal behavior is a far more complicated matter than either Skinner or Freud (or cognitive psychology) provide for. For example, person A can show induction from person B’s verbal behavior without ever coming into contact (as conventionally understood) with person B’s verbal behavior. The Harvard sophomore, though, had repeated, extended contact with the other author’s books. In an example (Boston Globe, April 24 ’06, Internet) both authors refer to “170 specialty stores”. This puts a question mark on intentional plagiarizing, because an intentional plagiarizer would have changed the number to something other than 170.

    Satish Chandra
    ——END QUOTE—–
    [From ]

    And this is what the Indian government has been doing to this scientist:-

    India’s greatest scientist and greatest living Indian publicly tortured in Harvard seminar, systematically and totally starved for up to 3 weeks at a time, made semi-starved and homeless and even blind for years, kept under 24-hour audio and video surveillance as well as surveillance of [and interference with] communications and electrical typewriter and computer use, document creation and photocopying, etc., by satellite for more than past 3 decades, systematically harassed and in poverty and neutralised and robbed of his work at the cost of hundreds of millions of dollars per year, robbed of crores in his money and property in India by C.I.A.-RAW, forced back into exile in the U.S., all with full cooperation and participation of India’s RAW and India’s C.I.A.-RAW-controlled prime ministers, politicians and media — to keep India poor, weak and enslaved … .
    ——END QUOTE——-

    For more about this scientist’s work and what the Indian government has been doing to this scientist, see ‘This Is What The Jews, Americans and RAW have Been Doing’ : ,

    ‘India’s Traitor Government and Media’: ,

    ‘How India’s Economy Can Grow 30% Per Year Or More’ :,

    ‘Nuclear Supremacy For India Over U.S.’ : ,