Inkless Wells takes a trip down Gomerian memory lane ... -

Inkless Wells takes a trip down Gomerian memory lane …


Or perhaps a tour of the Gomerytham sewer system in a glass-bottomed boat. Let’s just hope he leaves a trail of breadcrumbs so he can find his way back to the present day:

I’ve been working on the railroad: memories of Gomery (I)
Mr. Martin’s gentle ride: Memories of Gomery (II)
Not a hostile witness, but maybe a skeptic: Memories of Gomery (III)
A nasty business: Memories of Gomery (IV)

Also, check out what we’re billing as “the toughest Canada Day quiz ever” here. I’ll confess that I barely got above a passing grade — but am confident that our readers are far smarter than me, and will sail through it with no difficulty whatsoever. (Feel free to brag/bitterly question the legitimacy of the questions in the comments below.)


Inkless Wells takes a trip down Gomerian memory lane …

  1. I did NOT get a sparkling score (70%) on the Canada Day test; moreover I take exception to inane questions like “what’s commonly known as a “Canadian tuxedo.” I have a quibble with that one.

    Canadian tuxedo indeed. If anyone reading this HAS actually heard, or better yet, used that expression, please take a moment to crow about my ignorance.

  2. A Canadian Tuxedo? Really? Was this something pulled off of a joke wikipedia site or something?

    Thank goodness for the gimme questions… Oh, and I have to quibble about the Man’s Prayer. It contains a “but”!

    I scraped a “C”… waah.

  3. Hey- i actually did really well on that(90%). But I, too, take issue with the ‘Canadian tuxedo’. I think I failed miserably at most of the pop-culture questions.

  4. got an 80%! ditto on the tuxedo

    Kady, love your blog

  5. Hmm. I just Google’d it, and apparently it’s denim jacket with jeans. It can also refer to a plaid button down with dickies.

  6. Hey – don’t give the answers away, Sophie!

    If you managed to get 90% without looking anything up, I hate you. Just saying. :)

  7. I suspect Sophie may take home the prize for Smarty-pantsiest Maclean’s Dot See Ay Commenter (Canada Day edition), but we’ll see if anyone can beat her score.

  8. Scott M., same here. My excuse is that I’m from Quebec.

  9. So am I, boudica. But then again, you obviously have a life outside of sitting in a lumberyard listening to radio-canada. You may also lack the general advantage of having lived in a public library for the last six years of your life.

  10. I got 80%, and I too object to the question on the Canadian tuxedo as I’ve never heard of it before.

  11. the capital question annoyed me, the phrasing sucked.

  12. 50%. Agree on the Man’s Prayer–phrased incorrectly.

    Nobody has mentioned the awful omission of Charles Tupper from the shortest-serving-PMs question. This proves once again that if John Turner is the answer, you’re asking the wrong question.

  13. Oh my dawg, 40%! *hangs head in shame*

  14. No, the correct answer is “What’s a tuxedo?”

  15. Toughest Canada Day Quiz ever? Hardly.

    Many of the questions don’t test Canadian knowledge but are just Trivial Pursuit questions in disguise (the random-guess, ludicrous ones). Kind of like some Maclean’s articles come to think of it…

  16. Should be “thunder bay tux”, which is a plaid jacket and jeans. Geez.

  17. 65%, and count me in as objecting in the strongest possible term to the quiz itself missing the long-forgotten Sir Charles Tupper as Canada’s shortest-serving prime minister. A pain eased only slightly by the realisation that anybody who remembers the words “Sir Charles Tupper” would probably know enough about Canadian politics to click “John Turner” as well.

  18. Maybe they were just missing the word ‘modern’? Or- were they only counting ‘real’ PMs, not interim ones (in that case, why was Kim Campbell there)

  19. Ugh. 55%. The first capital was a gimme, though. I live there. :-)

  20. I think the Tuxedo joke is probably dated to the 70’s or 80’s. Plaid sweaters are known out here as Surrey dinner jackets.