Inquiry report blasts McCallion for pushing son’s hotel project

Mississauga mayor in a clear conflict of interest, report says


Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion was in a clear conflict of interest when she pushed for a hotel project owned by her son, a judicial inquiry has found. In a 400-page report released Monday, inquiry Commissioner Douglas Cunningham called for a host of legislative changes to prevent similar situations in the future. McCallion has consistently defended her actions, saying the deal was “for the good of the city.”

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Inquiry report blasts McCallion for pushing son’s hotel project

  1. I am shocked, shocked at the idea that a politician holding the same office for over thirty uninterrupted years could possibly be corrupt, or consider their jurisdiction as a personal fiefdom.

  2. So…a politician does what politicans do. 

    Is this filed under ‘news’, or ‘rhetorical post’?

  3. Given how often McCallion has screwed Brampton via her de facto control of the Region of Peel (thanks, Dalton, for helping her at every turn), it’s nice to see her get her comeuppance.

  4. She has neither admitted breaking any laws nor expressed any contrition. I guess normal codes of ethics no longer apply to Her Exalted Magnificence.

  5. So the next thing to do is for an elector in Miss. to lay an official charge so that she can face trial for C. of I. If this does not happen it makes a mockery of the fact that other Ontario council members have faced trials and convictions for behavior much less serious

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