Inside the basement apartment of the Victoria terror attack suspects -

Inside the basement apartment of the Victoria terror attack suspects


John Stuart Nuttall and Amanda Marie Korody were charged with knowingly facilitating a terrorist activity, making or possessing an explosive device, and conspiracy to place an explosive device with the intent to cause death or injury.

RCMP allege they were plotting to detonate bombs near the Victoria legislature building on Canada Day.

The pair lived in a basement suite in Surrey B.C., where their landlord let reporters in Wednesday morning. Police had already searched the apartment.

Here’s what it looked like, though the eyes of one reporter:

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Inside the basement apartment of the Victoria terror attack suspects

  1. What’s up with them being arrested back in March?

    And why wait until Canada Day to tell us about these two druggie dunderheads.

  2. Oh no not a paint gun brochure. This seems like just another case of sensational over the top reporting. Why not call a spade a spade, that these two were just drug addled morons.

  3. If the public were never in any danger then how could the accused have possessed explosives? Since no one else has been arrested it’s probable that the phoney explosives came from the police. This affair at first glance appears to be a case of the police having found two wannabe jihadi losers who were supplied with the apparent makings of a bomb by the police or a police informant . An interesting question is how much of the idea to build bombs was theirs and how much the police’s or their informants. If an informant’s I wonder how much the RCMP is paying for info leading to breaking up terror cells? is there serious money in setting up dupes?

  4. Hey come on guys.

    Justine Trudeau says these kind of guys are misunderstood and feeling left out.

    Justine Trudeau wants to know the root cause.

    Did someone mention an Islam group?

    Didn’t the RCMP say al-Qaida inspired.

    Pretty much solved that didn’t we.

  5. This is a clear case of two poor recovering drug addicts who were duped by the R.C.M.P. into carrying out this “Act of Terrorism” in order to further justify the phoney “War on Terrorism”. And what is just as bad is the politicians grand standing on this “attack on our democratic institutions”. Their actions the next day makes it appear they were aware that there is no threat because the was run by the R.C.M.P. the whole time. This couple will now rightfully be imprisoned for being stupid.