Interesting Quebecor fact


Quebecor dreams of a Journal de Montréal that has about the same number of journalists as La Voix de L’Est, to cover a city 35 times larger.

Jonathan Trudel, in this month’s Trente magazine

Staff at Journal de Montréal have been locked out for nearly two years in an acrimonious labour dispute with parent company Québecor. As Trudel points out in his piece, Québecor’s most recent offer would cut the number of journalists from 65 to 17–giving it the journalistic resources of a paper based in Granby (pop 47,637), with the void filled with wire and translated copy from the Sun chain. Oof.

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Interesting Quebecor fact

  1. Wait a minute — the local Granby paper has SEVENTEEN journalists? Absent a confirmation from their publisher, I call BS.

  2. To be fair, the Montreal papers have a wider range of influence as well. They function as papers of record for the entire province, if not the entire country as French analogues of The Globe and Mail, The National Post, and the Toronto Star. Of course the Journal never really had pretensions of competing with La Presse and Le Devoir in that capacity but this would really set them back into a much lower tier. Can they even cover the Habs effectively and take scary pictures of crime scenes with only 17 journalists?

  3. La Tribune (in Sherbrooke) is a sister publication to La Voix de l'Est. It also serves the Townships, in fact a much larger fraction of the region. I don't know if they share journalists, but La Voix is printed in Sherbrooke (My son delivers La Tribune; they often arrive wrapped in La Voix).
    The MRC containing Granby has a population of 82,000 while the neighboring MRC (Brome-Missisquoi) has 47, 000.
    I still find it shocking that Quebecor feels that 17 journalists is sufficient for a paper serving most (population-wise) of Quebec.

  4. "still find it shocking that Quebecor feels that 17 journalists is sufficient for a paper serving most (population-wise) of Quebec."

    I am not shocked: I am rather, merely appalled.

    Who wants to investigate the situation of the HML's ???? Who is doing what, who's getting whose $, and who is suffering….???