International pedophile ring busted by international police

Two Canadian men among suspects


Two Canadian men face pedophilia-related charges after a police probe of a global pedophile ring based in the Netherlands resulted in the arrest of 184 suspects from 13 countries. Philip Publuske, 40, of Waterloo, ON, and John William Lapage, 68, of Abernethy, Sask., were each charged with possessing and distributing child pornography using an online forum based in Amsterdam. The forum had up to 70,000 members, and 670 suspects have been identified around the world. The investigation, codenamed Operation Rescue, has resulted in the rescue of 230 children in more than 30 countries. Rob Wainwright, the director of Europol, said this online network was “probably the largest online pedophile network in the world.”

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International pedophile ring busted by international police

  1. 70,000 members worldwide? Why only 670 suspects? Something tells me there should be more than just two arrests in Canada…

  2. I agree,,,,But I guess by the time it is over there will be a lot more than 2 Canadians and certainly a lot more than 670 suspects.

  3. Pedophillia…If found guilty, would castration be a fitting punishment ?….In my humble opinion….Yup !!

    • Not harsh enough (in my humble opinion).

    • That would partially fix that, maybe, but you'd develop a sever headache, from being so humble? lol

      • Let me ponder your Question for a moment…hmmm…''Done !'' In answer to your Question …No.

  4. One cannot in their heart of hearts comprehend the damage done to a small child when they are forced by ANYONE to perform untenable sex acts. When these boys and girls grow up, they are DAMAGED emotionally, find it impossible to trust people, and orchestrate emotionally to break down relationships with people they do love. Their unexpressed anger surfaces, their inability to forgive continues to poison their lives for years.
    How could these people, HOW DARE THEY RUIN OTHERS to get their rocks off?
    I live in TCHC Housing, and 3 rapes have occurred in my building in the last 8 months. No one will report it because the men live right in the building. Women are afraid to go and check their mail after 9 pm. or even get on the elevator. In SOME cases, this is what DAMAGED people do. I am aware of some men in my building who have evil perversions.
    The beginning of a child's life is where they learn to live and love. How can you murder that? I honestly believe much more stringent jail time should be brought back for pedophiles. With evidence right on their computers, we have proof positive. No doubt. They are criminals. No punishment is too tough. There is NO EXCUSE.

  5. And we encourage aborting babies, but let these useless deviates live! Lets end that.

  6. Sex is not Canada’s scandal. The real scandal is a crisis in access to justice.

    Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin put it best:

    “Do we have adequate access to justice? Well, I think the answer is no. We have better access than in many countries. But it is still not what it should be. Among those hardest hit are middle class and poor. We have wonderful justice for corporations, the wealthy. But the middle class and the poor may not be able, in many situations, to access our justice system. They may earn too much for legal aid or have too many assets but have too little to retain a lawyer at the average billing rate -the last figure I got for 2009 was $338 an hour.”

    The source for the above is:


    You can actually hear the audio, notice how authoritative her voice is ! -love it !

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