Interpol to hunt Toronto extremist

Salman an-Noor Hossain added to database of fugitives


A young Toronto man is now being sought by Interpol at the request Ontario Provincial Police, who have been searching for him since he left the country last summer. Salman an-Noor Hossain, 25, a Bangladeshi-Canadian, sparked outrage last year when, on the Internet, he outspokenly advocated for terrorist attacks on Canada and a genocide on its Jewish population. He was charged with two counts of advocating a genocide and three counts of promoting hatred but disappeared before police were able to arrest him. Hossain is now on Interpol’s international database of fugitives, which will bring with it the cooperation police services around the world.

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Interpol to hunt Toronto extremist

  1. Useless info, people say much worse and get away, and I guess no such thing as freedom of speech.

    • There is no such thing as freedom of speech in Canada. We have no enshrined charter right to free expression, only free assembly and association. A lot of people infer that that means we can say many libelious or hateful things under some kind of divine umbrella of protection. This is simply not the case.

      I marched in the G20 protests in Toronto but I am under no delusion that my rights to express my opinions, whatever they may be, are protected. In fact, I believe standing up for the rights we do not have and exercising them regardless is an important part of ensuring provisions regarding those rights in law, for future generations.

      That being said this kind of hateful rhetoric is inexcusable. At the same time, pursuing an arrest based on the grounds of defining his conduct as hateful speech and action may enable law enforcement or security agencies to review his other affairs. Chances are good that loud and profane rhetoric and the internet was the least radical of his personal activities. I would imagine that his musings have given experts in the field of counterterror psychology an opportunity to profile him not only based on something shallow like the colour of his skin or loose affiliations, but also can draw an ideological link between his cause and the causes of proscribed terrorist organizations. If you actually read the text of Canada's counter-terrorism bill; linkage in name, rhetoric or slogan to an officially identified terrorist organization can be legally interpreted as affiliation or support of that same group.

      In short, while we're free to have our opinions… we have to moderate them with common-sense, decency and make sure we're not aligning ourselves with people who would declare themselves enemies of our society as a whole.

    • What kind of terror did this guy? I can't believe someone can be arrested due to his beliefs.

  2. Can I say that it looks like a bunch of cops and military folks got pissy about a flame war they couldn't win and brought in the big guns… without getting hunted myself?

  3. Tad: Where does the line between Freedom of Speech and Human Rights meet? You can not go around saying you want to see a race killed off! Freedom of Speech was introduced to protect us against speaking out against the Government, Church and other organizations. It was not introduced to give us the right to spew of hate remarks and preach genocide!

    • What about the people who call a whole religion as terrorists? Is it freedom? I guess that's freedom since you just call them terrorists (meaning that they must be dead or stay in prison) but it's not free actually you want some people die.

  4. What exactly is the penalty for talking like this? For hate speech?

  5. What in the name of heaven is a dual citizen! You are either one or the other!
    Who ever allowed this to happen in Canada is a complete idiot!

  6. What in the name of heaven is a dual citizen! You are either one or the other!

    • As in example, people need to have dual citizenship to say something opposite about Israel. It's not possible in US and Canada, so they move back and express themselves.

  7. Who owns the domain name? Is it true that the guy wanted a war against Canada? Is this news or international persecution?

  8. So are Steyn and Levant going to defend him or are they now suggesting that there ARE limits to what they think free speech entails? I'm not holding my breath but if they want to make the case that this is somehow hate speech then they are surely affirming that hate speech is a real category and not something used merely to persecute the two of them.

    • Give me a break. This guy was talking about killing Canadians and Jews, which is far different from what Steyn and Levant were talking about.

  9. Free speech is very limited in Canada unless you have a secure and independent income. This individual may be a poster boy for the worst aspects of our tolerance and for multiculturalism gone wild but why should spewing words alone be a criminal act. If he can be shown to be significantly urging like individuals to do nasty things or acts of hatred go get him. His words at the very least are an indicator of potential problems so he needs to be, lets say, interviewed. All in all he's not so bad, just keep him and his pals in Toronto.

  10. Why is this a Young Toronto Man vs A Bangaldeshi AntiSemite?

  11. But … but … they let Lindsay Graham get out of town !

  12. That's just another muslim who hates everything what's not islamic. – one of thousands who lives in Canada.
    This case calls for review of immigration system and close finally door.

    • Then you'd better start having sex because population is going nowhere without muslim immigration.

  13. There is a big difference between freedom of speech and inciting hatred, is it really that difficult his motive is the latter???