Introducing the iPad -

Introducing the iPad

Apple launches touch-screen tablet computer


Apple CEO Steve Jobs has unveiled the company’s new much-anticipated tablet-style computer, a 1.3 cm thick multimedia device that resembles an oversized iPod. The tablet’s 9.7-inch touchscreen can be used to browse the Internet, play games, and read digital books, newspapers and magazines. “Amazon has done a great job of pioneering books with the Kindle,” said Jobs. “We’re going to stand on their shoulders and go a bit further.” The New York Times has already developed a customized application for the iPad that recreates the look and feel of the newspaper, with the added functionality of viewing embedded videos within articles. The tablet boasts a 10 hour battery life and comes with either 16GB, 32GB or 64GB of flash storage. Most impressive, however, is the price: the WiFi-enabled 16GB model sells for just $499 in the U.S.

The Telegraph

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Introducing the iPad

  1. I'm already setting aside the money,

  2. IPad – sounds like what they call MP3 devices in Boston.

    • hahaha, yeah, that maritime accent would also come into play for my relatives in Halifax. Don't ever get into a conversation with a Maritimer about "cars"; the way that word is pronounced over there pierces my ear drum in a way that scratching a chalkboard never could.

      • i think they are going to get into legal trouble with TAMPAX

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    • Wow.

      Just wow.

      • i never had a problem with virgin or bell solo .. i hear many complain about "robbers" though