The boozing, smoking victory celebration of the Canadian women's hockey team -

The boozing, smoking victory celebration of the Canadian women’s hockey team


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The boozing, smoking victory celebration of the Canadian women’s hockey team

  1. I was shocked and disgusted that the hockey players were smoking after winning gold. What kind of message does that send?

    • That they're probably more fun to hang out with than you?

      • You don't have kids do you

        • was it there underage persons on the ice…no..its an issue because your making it one. oh no there we go not acting 'apologetically Canadian' and we make people uneasy..they won let them celebrate.

          and 'you don't have kids do you' typical parental should worry more about your own influence on your kids then the influence of a group of athletes..that lines a cop out, and a tiresome one at that.

    • As far as I'm concerned it sends the message that if you show the dedication and perseverance over time that these women have shown to reach the pinnacle of their sport, they deserve to celebrate. If my daughter was on the team and I was at the game, I'd have joined in on the beer and cigars and been damned proud.

    • It sends a message that it's "OK" to have a mild celebration after achieving the pinnacle glory in your sport you have worked your entire life towards. Would you have rather-ed they throw a private party? Well guess what, they thought it was a private party!! Obviously they are elite athlete's whom probably do not smoke at any other time in their lives…let them have a celebratory "stogy" and get off their backs!!

  2. For crying out loud, what's wrong with celebrating? What are they supposed to do, have tea and a cucumber sandwich?

    • Absolutely not! Cucumbers are shaped like penises, and obviously eating such phallic symbols could endanger the sensibilities of Canadian teenagers, for whom these athletes are role models. As for tea, it is a known central nervous stimulant – and could give athletes an edge in competition, which is obviously illegal and immoral. Whether in victory or defeat, athletes should sing the national anthem, drink filtered tap water, and go quietly home to knit sweaters for our overseas troops, without rowdy behaviour or unnecessary comment.

  3. 'shock and disgusted'?

    Honestly these anti smoking zealots are worse than the greenies!
    It's a celebratory cigar and a beer!
    If it was weed would you be happier?
    AND your kids, if young enough wouldn't even be aware of this unless YOU bring it up to them, if they catch it on their own – means they've got to be older, then YOU have an opportunity to parent as you see fit. Lay off the rest of us, you're not everybody's mommy.

  4. I think it sends the message that your a bitch.

  5. Let them be..".love you Sidney Grosby". You made us proud. Go Canada Go!

  6. We need to get to the bottom of this. Only way to truly resolve it is to have a reinactment. I suggest my house. They can supply the champagne-sized beer. No Molson this time though.

  7. John D. is right, this is a serious issue. I will bring the cigars, anyone else game?

  8. What the heck is wrong with them having a drink ?? Look at the guys when they win the stanley cup they drink booze and party do they not?? So its ok for guys to do that but not girls . ya that makes a lot of sense!

  9. there's absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating, give them a break they just won the freaking GOLD medal for their country they deserve to have some fun, besides it's not like they're breaking the law. they have nothing to apologize for, well done girls, you did us proud.

  10. ummm , has anyone every scene the lockeroom of the winning super bowl team? how about in baseball when each team wins the division then world series? how about the NBA? Nascar when the guy does doughnuts then lites up a stoggy and pounds a bottle while doing a dance on the hood of his car.. or F1 racing when they spray each other with a bottle in celebration.. theres nothing different in this case. an empty arena with the lights dimmed with a hand full of broadcasters.. no one gave a shit except one American reporter that felt "obligated" to tell an offical.. That was a huge game for the womens team against a tough American squad. if we would have lost they would have done the same thing. the people that found this offensive , good chances they never played sports growing up. so stop whining and get on with your daily life, whatever that is.