IQ can change through teenage years -

IQ can change through teenage years

Intellectual capacity doesn’t stay static, new study shows


Experts have long assumed that intellectual capacity (measured as IQ) stays about the same through a person’s life, but new research suggests it might actually improve or decline through our teen years. In the study, 19 boys and 14 girls underwent brain scans as well as verbal and non-verbal IQ tests in 2004 and 2008. A change in verbal IQ was found in 39 per cent of them, the BBC reports, and 21 per cent showed a change in performance IQ, which is a test of spatial reasoning. Increases in IQ corresponded with changes to density in certain regions of the brain.


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IQ can change through teenage years

  1. According to John Huppenthal, Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, two other factors also change IQ testing results in children. They are confidence and determination. This is opposed to self-esteem, which seems to be of little significance in this regard (and fleeting). IMHO, this validates what we see in our friends and family. That is, some people of seemingly mediocre intelligence excelling, and others who are quite intelligent languishing.

    On my last IQ test I got a perfect score of 100.