Iran: 12 CIA ‘spies’ arrested

Agents allegedly targeting nuclear plants


Iran says it has arrested a dozen spies working for the CIA, according to reports by the official news agency IRNA. Parviz Sorouri, a prominent member of the Iranian parliament, told the agency that the operatives were coordinating with Israel’s secret service, the Mossad, and targeting Iran’s nuclear program. The claim is similar to that made in June by Lebanon’s Hezbollah, whose leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said he had uncovered two CIA informants who had infiltrated the organization. Although U.S. authority initially dismissed the accusations, U.S. officials later confirmed Nasrallah’s story to the Associated Press.


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Iran: 12 CIA ‘spies’ arrested

  1. “Spies” eh?  I suppose next you’re going to tell me another tall tale, like some crazy claim that the US has “soldiers” in Iraq or that they have “nuclear weapons”.  What kind of conspiracy theorist would believe that??

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