Iran blames U.S., Israel for nuclear scientist's death -

Iran blames U.S., Israel for nuclear scientist’s death

Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan one of several scientists similarly targeted in recent years


Iran has called the killing of a prominent nuclear scientist a “terrorist act,” as key officials suggested the U.S. and Israel are behind the attack. Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan died after an unidentified motorcyclist attached a magnetic explosive to his car. Roshan was a professor at Tehran’s technical university; he was also a department supervisor at Natanz, a uranium enrichment facility where Iran is suspected to be working toward nuclear weapons capability. Several scientists have been attacked in similar fashion over the past two years, according to the semiofficial Fars news agency. A survivor of one such attack, Fereydoon Abbasi is now the head Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization. In a statement quoted by Reuters, the organization said: “America and Israel’s heinous act will not change the course of the Iranian nation.” On Jan. 23, European leaders are meeting to discuss a possible oil embargo intended to dissuade Iran from pursuing its uranium enrichment program. Iran says its nuclear efforts are peaceful.

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Iran blames U.S., Israel for nuclear scientist’s death

  1. Iran  and us should solve the crisis with table discussion.  aa

  2. If the shoe was on the other foot all hell would break out meaning if Iran did this to another country the dogs of war would be howling.

    Think about the man who was murdered think about the life how great the intelligence he processed was, all that is gone in a blink of a eye.

    Sicking really.

  3. I’m proud to be an Iranian girl, and I will always be. None of these acts can prevent the scientific progress of my country, and my fellow young scientists. These acts not only prevent and frighten us, but also make us more and more persistent on our path of progress and scarification for scientific development of our country.

    •  I’m Iranian too. I’m really agree with you my friend! Oh, by the way, I think you meant “these acts not only DOES NOT prevent and frighten us…”, don’t you? Nice any way!

  4. Here’s a suggestion for Iran. If you don’t want your nuclear scientists to continue being murdered, then stop saying you’re going to destroy Israel every chance you get!!

    I’ve never read a speech from their president which doesn’t include threats against Israel.