Iran could have long-range nukes by 2015 -

Iran could have long-range nukes by 2015

Pentagon report says Tehran five years away from developing missiles that could reach U.S.


A new security assessment prepared by the Pentagon suggests Iran could have nuclear weapons capable of hitting the United States by 2015. James Miller, a senior Pentagon official, warned a congressional committee that “both Iran and North Korea present a significant regional missile threat” and that “the ballistic missile threat today is increasing both quantitatively and qualitatively.” Iran and North Korea are known to have collaborated on missile development, a fact that was reinforced Tuesday with the the announcement of a visit to Tehran by Kim Yong-nam, the head of the North Korean parliament.

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Iran could have long-range nukes by 2015

  1. Five years to get the missile defense shield operational, or be held hostage by Ahmadinejad for all foreign policy initiatives in the Middle East.

    It is one of the great failures of this government that they have not reversed the idiotic Martin-era withdrawal from the missile defense shield.

    • what happens now from our end ??

      • Either the press gets over their collective fetishes with items like the Guergis meltdown and begins reporting on actual existential threats until the government feels a bit of fire under their collective rear ends, or noting is going to happen until Iran detonates a test nuke and then starts making ultimata to Israel. I don't see Obama being on top of this one, and neither do I see a minority CPC government addressing it in the near term without significant public pressure.

    • I hate to say it but i don't see how Ahmedinejad could direct Middle Eastern geopolitics more ham-handedly than the US and Israel have.

  2. I see your point about the US and Israel, but it would definitely be somewhat more ham-handed if he were to, say, launch a nuclear strike at Tel Aviv. And yes, I do think that is exactly what he will do.

    • I hear Jack Bauer is looking for a gig. Perhaps he could look after this.

  3. Iran could have long-range nukes by 2015…

    … and the technology will be sold to them by American companies working through third parties.

  4. Right on.
    a Middle East saw off. Contain the true, "rogue state", and all that.

    • Mere speculation on your part,unless you have some proof!

  5. As a soverign state, Iran has the right to possess every means to defend itself. As does Israel.
    This article, and evrything else that comes from the Pentagon is just propaganda, in that ignoble tradition of babies on bayonets, unplugged incubators and weapons of mass destruction.

    Come on MacLeans- how about some JOURNALISM, instead of obediently printing this crap handed out to the compliant media to justify a U.S.-Zionist game plan.

  6. This is not going to end well.

  7. Bill D. said "Come on MacLeans- how about some JOURNALISM"

    I'd have to agree with Bill, what has happened to true objective, reasonably unbiased, investigative reporting these days? W5 -one of the last remaining quality news programs, is a dying breed. Sadly, the move to integrate legitimate news stories with rhetoric from the world of Hollywood has severely diminished the integrity and credibility of mainstream news media. CNN and Fox news -main offenders
    Aswell, like sheep they rehash AP newswire without any effort to attain the facts from credible sources and present it from all possible angles.
    ….have you seen the front page of the New York times? Since when is the Daily Show's Jon Stewarts' tiff with Fox News breaking headline news.WTF?
    Editor to reporter – "…go with the safe sure bet, do another story on Tiger Woods.
    If the frequency of typos and grammical errors on this news website is an indication of the evolution and progress of journalism since the advent of the internet.. then God help us.

  8. as for the article …. more nefarius drivel from the Pentagon to perpetuate and instill a culture of fear with the American people and its allies.

    Not unlike the color coded terrorist threat warnings after 911 – this article was written in same spirit to garner public support for an eventual confrontation with another adversary of the U.S. government.

    America the Land of the Free
    is actually the land of the Blissfully enslaved.

  9. You're right David- only I would say Land of the Free to be Blissfully Ignorant.

  10. Are we any better? Witness Afghanistan.