Iran may be on verge of building nuclear weapons -

Iran may be on verge of building nuclear weapons

A UN agency claims Tehran has the knowledge necessary to build an atom bomb


A confidential report by the International Atomic Energy Agency claims Iran has acquired “sufficient information to be able to design and produce a workable” atom bomb. The UN nuclear agency says it doesn’t yet have evidence to back up its claims, but its stark conclusion suggests American officials may have erred in affirming Tehran had ceased nuclear weapons development in 2003. According to the report, Iran’s complex nuclear program is “aimed at the development of a nuclear payload to be delivered using the Shahab 3 missile system,” Iran’s medium-range missile, which can strike the Middle East and parts of Europe.

New York Times

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Iran may be on verge of building nuclear weapons

  1. No doubt they need a nuclear arsenal to counter Israel's stockpile of atomic weapons.

  2. MAY BE? How cute.

    Man oh man I am hoping Israel has enough of a sense of self-preservation to pull an Osirak on them, and to Hades with what all the usual suspects worldwide will think.

  3. weren't "confidential" reports providing "sufficient" information what got the US into Iraq last time around? Furthermore, why shouldn't Iranians be allowed to develop nuclear weapons when Israel has many? Let them all have atomic weapons and just sit back and watch them turn the middle east into one big piece of glass…

  4. …i had acquired “sufficient information to be able to design and produce a workable” atom bomb by the 8th grade. is this supposed to be news??? just trying to keep the issue on people's minds and in the paper, i guess.

  5. Iran should not arouse concern. Georgia is the most dangerous flashpoint. The Bible says: "At the appointed time [the king of the north = Russia] will return back [will regain the influence, which it lost after the break-up of the Soviet Union] and come into the south [many indicate that this might be Georgia], but it will not be as the former [1921] or as the latter [2008]. For the dwellers of coastlands of Kittim [the West] will come against him, and he will be humbled, and will return." (Daniel 11:29,30a) Then Iran will be humbled also. "But ships will come from the direction of Kittim, troubling Asshur [Russia] and troubling Eber [inhabiting on the other side the Euphrates]." (Numbers 24:24a, BBE)

    At that time, peace will be taken from the earth and the "great sword" – nuclear sword – will be used. (Revelation 6:4) However, it will be neither the great tribulation nor "the end of the world" (Armageddon). As Jesus foretold, that will be "the beginning of birth pains". (Mathew 24:7,8)

    If the Heavens planned a full return of Russia (and much suggests this) the present economic crisis will deepen. Then also the European Union and NATO will not stands.

    In the same way the earlier prophecy had fulfilled: "And (he) [the king of the north = Russia] will go back (to) his land with great wealth [1945]; and his heart (will be) against the holy covenant [state atheism]; and will act effectively; and turned back to his own land [the break-up of the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact, the return of Russian troops to country]." (Daniel 11:28)

  6. In todays Star, a very well informed Haroon told it like it is: Iran is being threatened, Iran has capability to stike back,