Iran says missing Canadian journalist violated passport rules -

Iran says missing Canadian journalist violated passport rules

Canada “pressing for information” while whereabouts of Dorothy Parvaz remain unknown


Iran’s foreign ministry said on Tuesday that missing Canadian journalist Dorothy Parvaz, violated passport rules as she entered Syria to cover domestic unrest. Parvaz disappeared on April 29 after leaving Qatar to report on the political violence in Syria for Al Jazeera’s English news channel. Iranian official Ramin Mehmanparast said Iranian-born Parvaz was travelling with several passports, including an expired Iranian one. He said his country does not recognize Iranians having multiple nationalities. Although Al Jazeera said it was told by Syrian officials that Parvaz was sent to Iran after being detained in Damascus, Mehmanparast did not confirm this. Canada’s Foreign Affairs Department said in a statement that it is “pressing for information” from Syrian and Iranian authorities about Parvaz’s whereabouts. The 39-year-old journalist was born in Iran but moved to Vancouver as a teenager before graduating from the University of British Columbia. She holds Canadian, American and Iranian citizenship.

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Iran says missing Canadian journalist violated passport rules

  1. The Syrian and Iranian governments are nothing but a bunch of savages with big sticks.

  2. Sigh. Here we go again. I’m all for bravery in journalism and maybe this is “letting the bad guys win,” but if you are or ever were an Iranian citizen and are a journalist, stay away. We like you and need you and don’t want to see you tortured and/or killed! This stuff really depresses me…

  3. @DerekPearce:disqus : Just as a side comment, as far as Iran is concerned, an Iranian citizen cannot relinquish citizenship, so “if you ever were an Iranian citizen” isn’t even possible.  And as to your “stay away” comment, Dorothy Parvaz did stay away from Iran.  She went to Syria and was deported from there to Tehran, against her preference.