Iran to send aid ships to Gaza -

Iran to send aid ships to Gaza

Red Crescent Society plans to challenge Israeli embargo


Just a day after a senior Iranian official offered Revolutionary Guards as escorts to challenge Israel’s blockade, Iran’s Red Crescent Society is working with the Turkish government to send two aid boats to Gaza later this week. The first two vessels will head to Gaza carrying 70 aid workers—such as nurses and medics—and food and medicine. A third boat may follow at a later date. After Israel’s violent interception of a six-vessel flotilla last week, there has been international condemnation and calls for an independent inquiry. An Iranian alliance with Turkey worries Israel, who has benefited from a close military alliance with Turkey over the years.

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Iran to send aid ships to Gaza

  1. Iran and Turkey
    Sitting in a tree
    Plot ing

    Isn't it obvious? Iran has been planning for an all out war with Israel, and in order to make the "stinking corpse" prophesy fulfilled, Iran needs to equip Hamas and Hezbollah. But now that Turkey has joined the rank and file, along with the world wide left, Israel will be lucky if 40% of it's population survives. As for Iran and Turkey, they may well be history.

  2. What could possibly go wrong?

  3. Who would have thought that the response to Israel’s attack on Gaza would be this? Symbolism. Endless dogooders delivering aid. Ha! Israel will begin to sound insane as they decry every aid ship approaching as an enemy of their right to defend. There are alot of ships in the sea. This war is moving offland. Gaza is expanding.

  4. The International Committee of the Red Cross had better get this gang back into line. Quiet behind the scenes diplomacy and appearance only by invitation of the controlling government / military authority is how these groups (are supposed to) operate. Fierce independence from either side is what keeps their workers alive and their programs running. If the Red Crescent guerrillas think this is a good idea, their association is as good as mush.

    And there is STILL a naval blockade that nobody gets to just push through expecting to be unmolested.


  5. An Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said of these aid ships that “if this symbolic campaign continues, it will result in the surrender of the Zionist regime, which will certainly be one of its biggest defeats”.

    Iran has been working overtime to get non-Arab Islamic countries that are "friendly" toward Israel to see things their way. Malaysia and Turkey are turning; Iran is also working on Pakistan and Indonesia. The lifting of the blockade of the Gaza by Egypt last week is but another chink in Israel's armour.

    This could get really interesting really quickly.

  6. I don't like to follow all the mideast conflict which has been going on for about 6000 years, but I do know that Israel has a pile of nukes and I am sure they would use them if there was a fair sized war.

  7. Can someone just kill Madman Ahmadinejad in Iran and save the world from his crazy antics? I'm just waiting for him to put his little finger next to his lips and give his Dr. Evil laugh. Unfortunately, I think this guy is crazy enough and has the capability to carry out his mad schemes.

  8. Iran and its allies are goading Israel into war as they desire to annihilate her. Little do they realize that the war they are trying to start will end dismally for them as they are all aligning just as the Bible prophesied they would.

    The forthcoming Psalm 83 War will result in Israel gaining back much of G-d's Covenant land. For details of this war please see:

  9. Where are all the anti-Israeli do-gooders today. What, too stupid to believe this could actually end in a real war–with bullets and everything. I thought you like to defend poeple who behead and bomb others and now execute (ain't that a nice word for murder) 7 year old children.

  10. Theres is alot of hate out there. BOTH sides are just as evil in there own ways. The problem is that innocent people will be killed on both sides and how is that suppose to do any good. If you put both leaders on the front line instead of their armies there would never be a shot fired. When you break it down to the basics both sides lose even if there is a so called winner.

    im sure the international bankers will make a bundle on this war too.