Iranian 'adulterer' ordered to be stoned to death -

Iranian ‘adulterer’ ordered to be stoned to death

Britain condemns plan as ‘medieval’


An Iranian woman who has already been lashed 99 times has been condemned to be stoned to death in Iran. Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani is accused of adultery, which is seen as a violation of Islamic law in Iran and is punishable by death. Ashtiani was previously whipped for having an “illicit relationship” after the death of her husband. The death sentence is a result of a relationship she allegedly had when he was alive.

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Iranian ‘adulterer’ ordered to be stoned to death

  1. have we seen this before?in the time of Jesus the same woman was to be stoned to death by the same people that thinks they have not sinned at all,she broke a law and the people to stone her to death will have to be blameless to mankind and to God with mind soul and spirit the question is are they more righteous than the woman?i think killing people is worse than adutery ,remember when cain killed abel,Judge not for you yourself will be judged by the one most high God that is higher than your Judge

    • Citing religious dogma is not the way to oppose oppressive religious dogma.

  2. Amnesty International USA has started an online action on this case. Please visit… to take action and submit an appeal to the Supreme Leader of Iran and the head of the Iranian judiciary to ask that Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani's death sentence not be carried out!

  3. There's no talking to fundamentalists, they know the wishes of god and they'll kill as many people as necessary to get everyone to agree with them.
    Iran is wrong, immoral, barbaric etc. I unreservedly condemn them for the misogynists and totalitarian abusers they are. I would also implore people to keep an eye close to home as well. Proposed and existing anti-adultery laws are very popular amongst folk in parts of the USA right now. We need to vigilant at home as well as vocal about the islamic barbarism abroad.

  4. This is really sad.

    • Agree, very, very sad..When I hear of these type of Barbaric acts It reminds me again, of just how lucky I am to have been born and raised in this wonderful Country.

  5. Would it be politically incorrect of me to call Iran…and several other Islamic states…"backward civilizations?"

    …and I use the term "civilization" loosely.

  6. Of course the irony here is that Iran will be on the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women. Funny how that worked out.

  7. Remember this the next time you see or hear the anti-semites at the PRIDE parade.

    You would think those useful idiots would stop to consider that Israel is the only civilized country over there. Surrounded by backward, barbaric, and fanatical people who worship an evil, violence ridden dogma they pronounce as their religion.