Iranian MPs call for execution of opposition leaders

Moussavi and Karroubi under house arrest


222 members of Iran’s 290-seat Parliament calling for the execution of opposition leaders Mir Hossein Moussavi and Mehdi Karroubi, who remain under house arrest after being detained from attending anti-government protests in Tehran. The Parliament issued a statement on Tuesday calling them “corrupts on earth [who] should be tried.” The term “corrupts on earth” refers to political dissidents, who are usually punished as traitors and executed under Iranian law. U.S. President Barack Obama said in a press conference that he found it “ironic that you’ve got the Iranian regime pretending to celebrate what happened in Egypt, when in fact they have acted in direct contrast to what happened in Egypt by gunning down and beating people who were trying to express themselves peacefully in Iran.” Iranian leaders have attempted to portray the protests in Egypt and Tunisia as a surge in Islamic populism in the face of Western-backed authoritarian governments, similar to Iran’s Islamic Revolution in 1979 that saw the ousting of the Shah and the rise to power of Ayatollah Khomeini. Tens of thousands of protesters gathered in the Iranian cities of Tehran and Isfahan on Monday to protest the government. At least one person has been killed.

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Iranian MPs call for execution of opposition leaders

  1. Remember: The regime in Tehran becomes more powerful in Canada with every wave of immigration.

    • LOL that's hilarious!

    • remember what we take as civil liberties are only allowed by top goverment officials in countrys run by rules not democracy where only votes in favour of your leader spare you from death and allow you to keep those libertys. and those running from those regimes are doing so for life not to face death. and i can back many immigrants to this country who work hard live by our laws and integrate into society like any other human being remember colour is only your skin. hurt blood and fear is present in us all.

  2. Maybe Mahmoud Imadumjihad could solve some problems for everyone by personally building a nuke and then blowing himself up.

  3. I thought Iran support Egypt people's revolution and protest? Why the double face? Are Iranian officials as known in the Middle Easts, liars and deceptive true? A practicing Taqqiya (deception) theocracy?

  4. Is this all that different than American (and a Canadian) legislaturers calling for the death of Julina Assange?

    We should clean up our own house before throwing stones at others.

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