Iranian protesters hit with tear gas and paintballs

Dozens detained, including opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi


Thousands of Iranians opposed to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s rule marched in the streets of Tehran Monday chanting “death to dictators.” Crowds endured tear gas, police batons and paintball attacks from plain-clothes police backed by Republican Guards. Dozens, if not hundreds, were detained. Opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi and fellow leaders of the pro-democracy Green movement were placed under house arrest, reports the BBC. The protesters’ main goal was to show that the movement to unseat Ahmadinejad is still alive. After the widely-condemned election in June 2009, Iranians came out in large numbers to protest with the support of many western governments. More than 80 demonstrators were killed during the six months that followed because of their opposition, say supporters. The local electricity supply in Tehran was cut as night fell Monday and most of the protesters returned to their homes.

BBC News

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Iranian protesters hit with tear gas and paintballs

  1. All Middle-Eastern dictators must be overthrown and their governments replaced by a military tribune. Borders established by colonial empires will then be erased with Tel Aviv becoming the new capital. Democratic elections will quickly be held to choose a new King Solomon, his wisdom and justice must be beyond reproach.

    • Oh go watch your Glenn Beck and leave us alone here.

  2. .
    Mubarak and Ahmadinejad will have to find new jobs soon. Like the Nazi personnel after WWII.

    Perhaps at the U.S. State Department where they can be employed prying out data from Twitter and Facebook accounts.

    Why waste transferrable skills, right?

    • Why the reference to nazi's. Must we forever live in the past?

  3. Hope they're not expecting any encouraging words from Obama, He admires the kind of power Ahmedinijad has over his subjects.

    • I thought he was Hitler, not Ahmedi. Make up your mind Phil.

    • Stretching your desperate metaphors as usual.

  4. Everyone be very afraid!
    If protesters in Iran overthrow the government, they might usher in a radical Islamist government!
    America must act before it’s too late!

    • LOL.

  5. Iran is not a democracy in any way, shape or form buddy. Shouldn't you be out on your motorcycle with a billy club or something? It's good to see such blatantly sick antiSemitism coming from who is anti-protester/pro-regime. You're not fooling anybody buddy.

  6. The governments in the Middle East are finally getting overthrown and the people are actually being heard for once. I really think the US and other countries need to stay out of these places for now and just see how everything unfolds. It sounds like things might be getting a bit out of hand there, but it really is not anyone else’s’ problem as to how everything there pans out. Middle east and current issues…http://fms.nu/h2xbqq

    • Unfortunately, your assessment "it really is not anyone else's problem" doesn't ring true. Israel stands on the front lines of what's happening in that part of the world and, depending upon the outcomes, the Israeli military needs to keep its engines warm.

  7. Kinda hypocritical for the Iranian government to support the protestors in Egypt but not in its own country.

  8. Hillary Clinton calls the Iranian government hypocritical.
    The pot calling the kettle.

  9. If President Ahmadinejad was forced out of Office and Iran…where would he go ? There is not a country in the civilized world that would take him is there ?

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